“Abortion is a Blessing, and Our Work is Not Done”

I never thought I would see a professing Christian minister to say this. While I expect mainline Protestants–especially Episcopalians–to support abortion, it is usually in terms of “we recognize that abortion is a negative thing, but we believe in freedom of conscience, as there are a diversity of views regarding this difficult matter…” and assorted horseshit.

But Kathy Ragsdale is a completely different broad. She is Jezebel Reincarnate.

Obama No Great Communicator

Even the Gipper–Alzheimer’s and all–never took a TelePrompTer to his press conferences. He also had no problem taking questions from big media outlets.

Reagan also didn’t spend days figuring out what side to take on fundamental issues, because he fundamentally understood the implications of his core principles.

What Obama doesn’t realize is that, as President, it was the implementation of the agenda–the legislation for which he voted–that created Bonusgate. That he took a couple days before deciding where to focus on this is less about his humility and more about his abject ignorance of business.

Keep in mind that I am no fan of AIG, or Fannie, or Freddie, or even Big Business in general. I’m for free markets, and an integral part of that is letting people and businesses fail.

No one–not AIG, not GM, not Ford, not Fannie, not Goldman Sachs, not Citigroup–ought to get bailouts from government. If they need relief, we already have a Constitutional provision for that: bankruptcy.

That AIG paid out their bonuses to execs who destroyed stockholder value, is an outrage, but that is a matter for stockholders to resolve. If government wants to get their collective panties in a wad over the bonuses, then they have only themselves to blame for bailing AIG out in the first place.