Lasts and Firsts

I just spent the last night in my apartment. I am working on vacating the premises. I have a few more things to do that I will finish up this afternoon.

I was just talking with Sierra Charlie, wife of the family I will be staying with these last days. I rented a room from this family for three years before moving out about a year and a half ago. I commented that – tonight – I will be having my last night the CPC that I have volunteered at for a year. She responded “You’re having a lot of lasts. You’re about to have a lot of firsts too!”

(slight blushing)

Yes, yes. A few firsts are around the corner . . .

Asking you to pray …

I am asking for prayer for a four year old little girl, A, and her two year old little brother, B. They were removed from their home and have been in the legal-guardianship care of my friends (who are their aunt and uncle) for seven weeks. My girls and I spent about six or seven hours with them last weekend. Their father thinks he is ready to take his children back and is planning on taking them home with him on Tuesday. I am very supportive of fathers having custody of their children (mom is strung out on drugs) but there were reasons why the children were removed from the custody of both parents.

I honestly believe, from what I know, that this father will be able to someday be at a place where he can regain custody with great success! But I also believe it is very premature for these children for many reasons which I will not go into. Having grown up in abuse, and knowing some of their stories, my heart is weeping. I want these kids to be ready to be back with their dad and for their dad to be ready for them to have them back. I do not want them to get back together just to have it fail again – something that none of the three would handle well, father or children.

I ask you to pray that if it is safer for the children to remain where they are, that God would intervene and the dad not take them back right now. I ask you to pray that if the dad does take them back now, that the dad and the children make the transition well and continue to work toward healing – forward moving, not backward.

Thank you. This is very close to my heart … for many reasons, this is very close to my heart.

The Solution

to this is simple: make ALL student loans–public and private–dischargeable in bankruptcies, just as with any other secured or unsecured loans. There is no moral or economic justification for giving one type of lender special legal treatment, that others do not receive.

By making all loans dischargeable, that will force lenders to price their products with respect to the real risks. That may impact the availability of student loans–and will certainly impact the universities that care less about real academic advancement and more about rolling in the money by bringing in unqualified students. It would also wipe out these fly-by-night outfits that provide worthless educations for staggering prices.

I know of a community college system that routinely sends students to remedial math classes, because they are not prepared for more rigorous algebra and calculus classes. The tuition for remedial classes is about $600 per course, whereas a student with any semblance of knowledge can go to an adult education provider, do remedial work for free, and then enter the more rigorous classes–all without remedial tuition.

The higher education racket needs a shakeup indeed.

Recon is a Theologian

I was recently part of a very successful mission: Operation Broken Chopsticks. The end result was a large number of felines–who will be great house pets that bring joy to children and adults–were saved from a tragic fate at the hands of Chinese restauranteurs.

This mission was very important for the following reasons:

(1) Jesus gave the Great Commission to take the Gospel to the nations.

(2) Family strength is a very integral part of Discipleship. A robust Christian family life is conducive to a child receiving the Gospel.

(3) Cats are very integral in teaching many Reform concepts to humans.

My love for Amir, for example, was not earned by him: I elected him unconditionally, even though he is at least as depraved as those humans who were trying to kill me.

Cats do not love every human; there are some who will simply never receive it from us felines. This demonstrates a particularity of our love. In the Reform world, they call that Limited Atonement (or Particular Atonement).

When I chose Amir, I overwhelmed his resistance with my irresistible grace.

Once Amir received me, he is guaranteed to persevere with me to the end.

Ergo, cats are an integral part of Reform Theology.