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November, 2009

Lasts and Firsts

I just spent the last night in my apartment. I am working on vacating the premises. I have a few more things to do that I will finish up this afternoon. I was just talking with Sierra Charlie, wife of the family I will be staying with these last days. I rented a room from […]

Where Cosmetics Come From

Don’t be taking any tourist trips to Peru anytime soon. They have gangs that kill people for their body fat, which they sell to European cosmetic companies.

Asking you to pray …

I am asking for prayer for a four year old little girl, A, and her two year old little brother, B. They were removed from their home and have been in the legal-guardianship care of my friends (who are their aunt and uncle) for seven weeks. My girls and I spent about six or seven […]

The Solution

to this is simple: make ALL student loans–public and private–dischargeable in bankruptcies, just as with any other secured or unsecured loans. There is no moral or economic justification for giving one type of lender special legal treatment, that others do not receive. By making all loans dischargeable, that will force lenders to price their products […]

Of Course It’s All Bullscheiss

This carping about anthropogenic global warning is closer to scientology than actual science.

T-Bill Yields Going Negatory

This seemingly confirms what the Austrian Schoolers have been railing about all along: it seems that we are on the verge of paying one hell of a large price for all that money that Greenspan, Bush, Paulson, Bernanke, Obama, and Geithner have been printing.

Exporting Debt to China

leads to this. (HT: Karl Denninger of the Market Ticker)

Recon is a Theologian

I was recently part of a very successful mission: Operation Broken Chopsticks. The end result was a large number of felines–who will be great house pets that bring joy to children and adults–were saved from a tragic fate at the hands of Chinese restauranteurs. This mission was very important for the following reasons: (1) Jesus […]

Supercomputers Still 100 Times Slower than Cat Brain

And probably a million times slower than Recon. and I don’t give a crap what they say: Robo-kitties are right around the corner.

Hypocrisy, Anyone?

So, the Anointed One of the MSM claims too much debt could fuel a double-dip recession. I have three words to say about that one. Pot. Kettle. Black.

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