Blame it on Janet Jackson

CBS is in some hot water with the gay rights groups, because they rejected a proposed Super Bowl commercial by GLAAD, but decided to run a pro-life commercial featuring 2007 Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother.

While I generally support gay rights–I oppose the lifestyle, but also oppose the government attempting to regulate what consenting adults do amongst themselves–I also support the right of CBS and the NFL to reject, or run, any ad they wish to run.

Given the heat they took a few years ago over Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction”, I can understand why CBS may be seeking to toss an olive branch to social conservatives, many of whom are serious football fans. I can also see why CBS wishes to avoid getting any more black eyes by associating with causes that most of their executives probably support.

(The pro-life ad, a promotion of Focus on the Family, is not a disparaging one, and is in fact quite positive. FotF is not to be confused with Randall Terry, a combative self-promoter whose life is marred with marital infidelities and the disownment of his own son, who came out of the closet as a homosexual.)

Feminist groups are angry because that ad presents a message that the murder-for-hire nazis can’t: when one chooses life, it is self-sacrifice that reflects love and courage. Abortion, on the other hand, is fundamentally evil, and reflective of human selfishness at its worst extreme.

This is what has the murder-for-hire crowd nervous: their attempts to present a positive message are futile. At best–for the cases of danger to the woman’s life, which are extremely rare thanks to technology–abortion is the lesser evil, a justifiable homicide. But abortions in those cases were legal before Roe v. Wade.

What has Roe v. Wade provided? An easy way out of a situation that empowers women to chase their career aspirations?

Compare that with the self-sacrifice of Tebow’s mom, and the marketing deficiency of the abortophiles becomes a 9,000 pound elephant that the angry bra-burners at NOW and NARAL can’t get out of their room.

Thoughts Running Through My Mind …

Some thoughts as I’m going through this day and this week …

It doesn’t matter how children are educated, parents need to be involved. I am thankful that I am my Special Need’s Daughter’s Mother. She is where she is because of my diligence. Not a week goes by that I am not in contact with at least one of her teachers (she has many) by either email or phone or in person or a combo of all three.

Once again we are needing to re-evaluate where she is and consider more testing for discernment and direction. It is often difficult to ‘diagnose’ issues because my daughter doesn’t know any different; this is how it’s always been for her. Helping her is like putting together a 5000 piece puzzle one piece at a time. Every piece is important. Often we cannot see the picture we are creating until several little pieces are in place, then we can see that it’s a flower or a bird or a grasshopper. We do not have the final picture to look at; only God has that. So we rely on Him to guide and direct us.

I am greatly attuned to my daughter and every tiny change in her life. I can tell exactly where she is in her mind and how she’s feeling and how she’s going to respond by looking at her eyes and face, even if just for a second. I have made great sacrifices to stay home with my girls. Even now I am looking for a job where I can be home when they are home because my daughter truly needs me, and it is difficult to find such a position (prayers for this would be appreciated).

I have often been told over the years by many in the field of education and medicine (where I spend a lot of my time with her), “Wow, you really know your child!” This baffles me and saddens me. Of course I know my child, and yet how sad so many children are not known by their own parents.

The other thought rumbling through my heart and mind this week is that parents cannot leave the spiritual education and training of our children in the hands of anyone else; this, too, is the parents’ responsibility.

My Oldest began Youth Group at our church for the first time this past Sunday and Wednesday, and she is reading through the Left Behind for Kids series (at lightening speed). We have had multiple discussions of both. I am thankful our new youth pastor is focusing on Bible study. She learned great truths at both meetings (one for all youth and one broken down for just middle school). She is a deep thinker and is really dwelling on what she is learning.

I have spent an enormous amount of time one-on-one with each of my girls. This has been intentional. This has also cost me a lot of sleep and very often a clean house. But the rewards are priceless. I will never have the days past with my girls again to influence them, to be there for them, to love them, to train them. So I take advantage of every moment possible. As has been our routine since birth, I spend time alone with each daughter every day. Since the divorce, this has been at bedtime. Now, as I’m spending time with my Oldest at night in the beginning of these teenage years, she is beginning to really “get” what she is learning, ingesting it into her life, into her mind and heart and thoughts. Watching that and being a part of that is absolutely priceless.

If I did not spend the time with her and did not feel responsible for her spiritual training, I would miss infinite opportunities to teach her about God and His purposes for her life … and she would miss applying these truths to her life in such personal and intimate ways. No one knows her like I do, so no one is able to take what she is learning and guide her to apply it in such specific ways or to understand it in such specific ways. It’s really, really cool.

My prayer has been, “Lord, raise me up and enable me to be and become the Mommy for my daughter that You need me to be just for her.” My girls need me to be their personal Mommy … not to fit them into some generic mold. I love how God answers this and works this out in my life.

*disclaimer – I am NOT the perfect mom! My girls can give you a long and distinguished list of my imperfections. But I strive to be a mom who allows God to work in and through me to be and become the Mommy each of my daughters needs me to be. (And chocolate during PMS goes a looong looong way ;).


*Begin Rant*

A great big GRRRRRR to public education today! The standardized test results have been so elevated that teachers are required to teach to the test … or teach what is on the test and make sure their students are prepared for the test. There is no flexibility.

Teachers are evaluated and given raises based on how well their students perform on these tests.

Schools are accommodated and recognized according to how well students perform on these tests.

State puts pressure on districts … districts put pressure on schools … schools put pressure on teachers … teachers put pressure on students. It cannot be avoided in this system … a system which does not allow for individual developmental paces of children (for children are NOT all created alike) … and which only rewards what is perceived to be important.

Okay … I’m grumbling today. GRRRRR! I do not have a choice; I am required to place my children in public education. My ex put it in the legal documents.

The flip side is that there are a LOT of really great things about our individual school district which are greatly beneficial to my children, especially my Special Need’s daughter. But there is so much more they could do if they weren’t strapped to this standardized schedule and the results of the exams! UGH! (and so MUCH less stress on these kiddos)

*End Rant*

Dittos to Vox…and Hitch

I was involved in a larger discussion this week on a thread at Boundless. And, in one form or another, I have been making the point that when one decides that the Scriptures represent something other than God’s revelation to Man–which is what feminist theologians must do in order to justify their dismissal of unpleasant passages–they are advancing the Church toward irrelevance.

Vox illustrates this, pointing out an observation by atheist Christopher Hitchens.

i have deleted my post.

what i wrote about was something deeply personal and powerful in my life. since i have written about the journey to this point out here, i felt as though i could write about the end. however, the words i chose were taken out of context and, i believe, cheapened an experience that is greatly powerful in my life. i will be careful not to do the same in the future.

Real Hope. Real Change.

Amir & I heard about Marco Rubio on talk radio during New Year’s weekend.

According to a recent poll, he’s gaining strength against an established candidate.

There’s also a guy in Connecticut that is becoming popular – very similar views to Ron Paul, except that he’s pro-choice. He seems to be behind in the polls, so we’ll see what happens in the primary.

I Repent…

Usually, one of my first orders of business every Monday morning, is to read Vox Day’s latest column. Today, he hit one out of the park, as usual.

This is why I believe he is on the money:

There is no doubt that the system is going to break down. This is not because it’s based on fraud and pretense – although it is – but because it happens to be completely unsustainable.

The reason I tend to side with the Austrian school, is that it is (a) monetarily sound and (b) relies on the understanding of human behavior rather than mathematical models that have proven utterly useless in predictive terms.

If money is cheap to obtain, it foments a boatload of risk by individuals and businesses, even government. Trouble is, that foments a level of activity that can only be sustained by taking on new debt. No person, business, or government can take on an infinite amount of debt. Especially when the debt is growing faster than one’s rate of economic production. Something has to give, sooner of later.

For the last decade, no new jobs have been created. Most of the GDP expansion has been inflated by easy money and government spending. Even with the Fed Funds Target Rate near zero, banks are not lending out new money. Investors and consumers alike, are each too risk-averse to create new debt, at least on a level that is even close to what was going on before The Crash. Government has been printing money, giving inflated dollars to banks, relying on foreign credit to prop up the dollar, “guaranteeing” bad loans, even allowing banks to over-value bad loans, all with the hope that this will somehow jump-start the economy.

But it’s not working. Home sales are still in the toilet–and would be even worse but for the phony first-time homebuyer credit that will expire soon–and car sales are not much better. As Denninger points out, sales tax receipts and freight traffic are not showing anything resembling a recovery, and there is still too much debt in our system.

I am glad that Ford–which told Congress what to do with the bailout money–is profitable, but am doubtful as to whether that is sustainable.

Like Vox, I think Obama’s courting of Volcker looks like a good sign, but that is nebulous. If Obama is serious, then he sends Bernanke and Geithner out to pasture, and has them–and Greenspan and Paulson–investigated by a federal grand jury, prosecuted for treason, and publicly executed. (Yes…treason. They have done more to subvert America than anything the Rosenbergs ever did.)

Denninger is also correct in that the mortgage bubble was a Ponzi scheme perpetrated by the banksters, with the Fed and Treasury acting as accomplices. Everyone who acted fraudulently–to include banksters, mortgage sharks, “insurance” firms, government agencies, and those who lied on their mortgage applications–should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Why am I repenting?

I didn’t get around to reading the column until after 11AM.

Men – I Need Your Input

I am writing a piece for our Women’s Newsletter at church about how women should treat men in general (not specifically a wife towards her husband).

Men, I would like your input. If you could speak to all the women of a church and address how they should treat men, what men need from women, etc, what would you want to say?