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February, 2011

Steal, Kill, and Destroy vs. Truth

Follow up to post and comments in Amir’s previous post here … . The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10 Steal, kill, and destroy are harsh words. Satan’s purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy … you, me, […]

My Quarterly Rant, Part 1

I had intended to keep my mouth shut about this, but I am sufficiently outraged–based on events of last night–that I cannot hold back. In the Fall of 2008, a couple of friends of mine–AK and his wife, and the secretary of the church, BW–invited me to a relatively new church. It was a little […]


Vox Day articulates the challenge for the American man, or–as he calls it–“the new white man’s burden”. Personally, I think he is understating it, because the enormity of the challenge is not comparable to what prior generations faced. This time, the attacks are coming from within our borders–and outside our borders–and involve an array of […]

“Free Range” Gone Too Far For Me

When I think of pure, organic, free range, and totally natural, THIS certainly does NOT enter my mind at all. Not at all.


Do you ever feel like you can’t imagine how you could handle one more thing in your life, but then you’re afraid to even think those thoughts for fear something else will pile on? Gosh, life can be hard sometimes. Our family had a planned birth and an unexpected death on the same day this […]

A Disaster Waiting to Happen

(HT: Vox Day) A man writes in to Dave Ramsey: I’m fairly responsible with finances, but my girlfriend is in a terrible financial situation with a lot of credit card debt, an expensive car payment and a big, fancy apartment. Plus, she just quit her job because she didn’t like it anymore. Now, she’s thinking […]

Michael Savage is Right

Liberalism really IS a mental disorder.

But There’s No Inflation!

Come on…what would ever give you the idea that prices are going up?

The Eve Of

Tomorrow … it would have been 25 years … I would have been celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary had the divorce not happened. It is interesting how people respond to divorce, and it is interesting how I respond to people because I am divorced. There is the theory that I married the wrong guy. Yeah, […]

“Just Treat It Like a Business”

Well, that’s what Noel Biderman might as well be saying. My questions in all of this: (1) to what extent–if any–is it possible to separate your character from the type of work in which you are involved? (2) Let’s assume that you work in an industry that–at least in part–is at variance with your personal […]

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