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March, 2011

Choices, Choices, Choices

Have you ever studied the kings in the Old Testament? It’s been awhile, but one lesson I learned studying them over time continues to resonate in the very depths of my soul. There were some kings who lived their whole lives honoring God, but then at the end, they caved into sin. I ponder on […]

Secular Parenting with a Christian Veneer

Reading SBTS President Al Mohler’s review of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, I found myself also impressed–and saddened–at the same time. Amy Chua is not unlike other Chinese I know–one of whom (MP) is a former boss of mine. MP and I had our differences, but we all admired her work ethic. We loved […]

Mohler and Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

While I agree with what Mohler is saying here, I am stunned that he missed one or more very huge issues. What did he miss?

Remove the Sheep’s Clothing

I’ve been researching my Youngest daughter’s new diagnosis and how it inter-relates to all her other diagnoses. It’s interesting and overwhelming and a myriad of other emotions all at the same time. As there were many with possible genetic components, I decided to email my parents and siblings to give them a list of all […]

Stick a Fork in Them

Washington D.C. public schools have performed less-reliably than a public outhouse. Former Chancellor Michelle Rhee was supposed to be the one who bashed the heads and turned things around. In fairness to her, it was probably a lost cause.

Hummm … Freedom?

I guess I shouldn’t be shocked, but I am.

On Single Pastors, Part 1

Dave, responding to another thread, provided a nice piece from Steve DeWitt, writing for The Gospel Coalition. In short, I agree with almost everything that DeWitt said there. Those are exactly the same arguments I made when I was single, and they are views I still have. And DeWitt is only dealing with part of […]

Self-Esteem Versus Self-Respect

In the world of gender relations, women usually–if not always–test the men in their lives in various ways. In the world of “Game”, this is called the “shit test”. An example of this would be when you’re talking to a gal in whom you may be interested, and she says, “I’ll bet you already have […]


This from Justin Taylor.

Guys: Would You Marry Her?

I’m borrowing this from Vox Day. Without looking at his site–or, if you already have, ignoring what he advised for now (even though I agree with him)–I have a question for the guys: not knowing anything else, ceteris paribus, would you marry a woman like this? I’m thinking about marrying a girl. She’s open to […]

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