Ame’s Confession, Part II

Samson is a very sweet cat. He really is. It’s difficult to look at this beautiful, white cat with pink ears and call him a “he,” but he is indeed a “he.”

He is becoming more friendly each evening. I let my niece take my girls over two nights ago, and last night I found he had not eaten his food, and he had barfed – not a ball of hair. Lovely cleaning up cat barf. At least the amount is small.

Tonight he was very cuddly and playful. Again, when I came back home I washed my arms and hands and changed clothes, but it was not enough. Then I got out the benedryl lotion.

I would really love to say I’m getting attached to this cat, but I am not. I keep looking into his eyes trying to find some affection in me for this creature, but it’s just not there. What is there is wanting my friends to come home to a happy cat.

I also look at him trying not to be ewwwed by his slithery-ness, but I cannot. I do not like the way cats slither. It’s ewwey. And creepy.

So, from now on, my Husband will be joining us on our little trips across the street each evening. He is neither allergic to cats nor ewwed by them. He actually likes the creatures. Now, I just need to switch Samson’s affection from me to my Husband. I’m sure that won’t be a problem; animals love my Man.

Sad Day for College Basketball

The year was 1983. The NCAA tournament was coming to a close. There were two teams left.

One one side: the University of Houston had one of the most exciting basketball teams ever assembled. Their two prime stars–Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler–would go on to win two NBA championships with the Houston Rockets. Their storied lineup–dubbed Phi Slama Jama–had just routed University of Louisville in their Final Four matchup.

Their opponents? North Carolina State, which was the Butler University of their day. They had one player who was a decent shooter–Derrick Whittenburg–but no true superstars. Their coach–James Valvano–was a great motivator, in the same vein as Rick Pitino whose time had not arrived.

Still, few people gave NC State–Phi Slowa Downa–a chance against the vaunted superathletes of Phi Slama Jama.

But the Wolfpack held their own against the Cougars, coming back to tie the score at 52 with about 2 minutes left. They would get a chance to win the game with a last second shot.

Derrick Whittenburg–their top shooter–attempted a long-range shot that fell short.

Lorenzo Charles, playing between Olajuwon and Drexler, caught the ball, and dunked it at the buzzer, giving NC State one of the biggest upsets in NCAA history. The mother of all ironies: NC State beat Phi Slama Jama with a DUNK!

Olajuwon and Drexler went on to stardom, and–with their hometown Houston Rockets–delivered two NBA championships in 1994 and 1995.

But on that day in 1983, Lorenzo Charles beat them at their own game, and he was the hero.

Sadly, Lorenzo Charles was killed in a bus crash yesterday.

Ame’s Confession

I don’t think it’s a big secret that cats are not my favorite animal. Recon and I get along fine online because he can’t wake me up at 4:00am or sleep on my counter tops (ewww! cat hair where I prepare food!!!) or sit in my bathroom sink or vomit hair balls all over my house (okay, that one puts me over the edge).

However, I am very faithful to my friends, and last summer we had some new neighbors move in across the street from out-of-state. We’ve become friends with our new neighbors over the last year, and, well, they have a cat. Cat’s name is Samson.

Neighbors left to go on vacation and left Samson at home. This is much easier as the wife has MS and moving about outside her home or environment is difficult, so taking Samson along would just make things that much more difficult.

So, they are paying my girls to look after Samson, and the fish, and the tomatoe plant, and pick up their mail.

Samson is a finicky cat, so they didn’t think we’d see him while we were there. But Samson is, I think, a bit lonely, and he comes right to us when we come over everyday. And he looks at us with pitiful eyes. And he weakened me. And I picked him up, and I pet him. Yes, I did.

I had pity on a cat and have tried to comfort him.

Where I am strong, I guess, perhaps, occasionally, I might just be a bit weak. At least Samson is happy 🙂

A View of the Ways of a Woman

This review of a book is packed with info. I don’t have time to go into it much right now except to say that much of this can go both ways. My ex abandoned me to his wiles and ways, and my Husband’s first wife left him for another man. I can see all of us in this article flipped back and forth. I think this quote is definitely true both ways:

“Thus, dishonorable women tend to be suspicious; faithful husbands are trusting.”
Dishonorable people tend to be suspicious, and faithful people tend to be trusting. We are who we are, and we tend to project who we are on others.

Feel free to discuss. I have no doubt this piece, which is not Christian or biblically based, will incite strong emotion.

(HT – Charles)

Honoring Men

(HT to Vox Day)

Well, folks, this didn’t come from The Church; it came, instead, from a “Life Coach” who–at first glance–appears to have New Age leanings.

Nevertheless, she and her husband are spot-on.


Shaming tactics have always been a hallmark of the feminist movement, used most often in their attempts to intimidate men into supporting them.

As a society, we use shame to go after men. Especially when they refuse to pay child support. Feminists will rail against men who will spread a woman’s legs, but won’t “man up” when she gets pregnant and has the baby. In fact, we have government agencies specifically in place to enforce child support laws, which are overwhelmingly aimed at men.

But what about the women? What if a woman gets pregnant and–against the wishes of the father–kills the child in utero? What happens if the man decides to go public about her decision to kill their child?

She gets the court to tell him to shut up.

So why is it that shaming tactics are OK when women use them against deadbeat fathers and abusive husbands, but not OK when men use them against women who kill babies?

Candice (and Martha) Gets It

I’ll elaborate more later, but I’ll give her 4 stars for using the case of Vice Admiral James Stockdale, a great Navy pilot and Medal of Honor recipient for his exceptional valor in Vietnam.

Read this from the great admiral, because it is one of the most important lessons you can learn when dealing with ANY hardship–from protracted singleness to 5+ years in the worst POW camps:

This is a very important lesson. You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end—which you can never afford to lose—with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.

Having the faith that you will prevail is all well and good, but living that out means confronting your present reality. That will ensure that you are ready if/when the opportunities arrive.

Joseph spent 20 years between prison and slavery–after being beaten within an inch of his life and sold into slavery by his own brothers–before becoming the #2 man in Egypt. Had he not lived out his faith in his present reality, he may have slept with Potiphar’s wife, or incited prison riots, or given overly cynical answers to the Pharaoh’s cupbearer and baker.

Benny Hinn is

an example of all that is wrong with Christianity in America. He has been proven a total fraud–not one of his claimed “healings” have been medically verified. He has been shown–time and time again–to be preaching a very heretical message of prosperity.

And if this report is correct, he is a skirt-chasing POS, too.

My challenge to all of you Benny Hinn defenders: Make the case for why anyone should believe anything he preaches.

Airline Pilot Goes Off

Trouble is, he left the microphone on.

That reminds me of a story–not sure if it’s true, but heregoes…

A pilot, shortly after takeoff, left the intercom on, offered the following commentary to his co-pilot: “I could sure use a good blowjob and a cup of coffee right now!”

One of the flight attendants, realizing that the intercom was still on, rushed to the cockpit to alert the pilot about his faux pas.

A passenger chimed in: “Don’t forget the coffee!”