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January, 2012

Stunning News

If you had asked me which group–men versus women–had, in percentage terms, more virgins among their college ranks, I would have answered, without hesitation, that the women do. My reason: societal expectations. Men are, more or less, EXPECTED to acquire notches on their belts; male sexual experience is REWARDED by women; women, in turn, are […]

To All the Feminists, A Time to Reconsider: My Answer to Kate Bolick

I don’t know Kate Bolick, nor does she know me. I am neither her friend nor her enemy. Her article in the November 2011 edition of The Atlantic—“All The Single Ladies”–has created quite a stir. I used her case as a means to communicate to younger women the hard realities of time; Rachel Motte has […]


There’s this thing that permeates through humanity called discontent. We all face it in some way or another. The Bible tells us contentment in learned. I’ve been reading through the book of Numbers, and I’m astonished, again, at how fickle the people of Israel. God performed huge miracles, and the next day they were questioning […]


Vox Day’s new atheist demotivator is a classic:

Walsh to Women: Avoid Promiscuous Men

Susan Walsh has many posts that everyone–men and women, of all religious or non-religious persuasions–should read. Especially those who are wishing to date and/or pursue marriage. Her latest one regarding the “sexual double-standard” is one of those must-reads. When we’re speaking of the double-standard, it sort of goes like this: (a) Women–as a group–tend to […]

Romanticizing Divorce

Susan Walsh has a very important piece about the Eat Pray Love divorce mania. Note: Walsh does not romanticize divorce; she is pointing out the toll that the EPL divorce trend has taken on the men, and–in turn–the women.

Aunt Haley vs. Nathan Zacharias: My $0.02

Having read both Nathan Zacharias’ blog about his one-year anniversary, and Haley’s assessment of it, here are my first thoughts: (1) Zacharias is engaging in one-sided self-effacement. It came off as pedestaling to me, but then again, he may be doing this out of deference to his wife and perhaps his wife does the same […]

Boundless…You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

Haley provides a stinging assessment of Nathan Zacharias’ recent post regarding his first anniversary. I’m up to my eyeballs at work, but I’ll opine later.

Vox Exposes “Conservative” Hypocrisy

RINO has this to say, writing to Vox Day: A lot of conservatives stay home if Ron Paul wins as well, I’m not sure why no one here understands that. Oh trust me, I understand that. But more on what I think in a second. But here is Vox’s response: Fascinating. If true, this clearly […]

Tebow Delivers One More Time

Yesterday’s Steelers-Broncos game was unbelievable. Tebow had been worse than mediocre in his last three starts, and–going against the hardcore Pittsburgh defense–the prognosis did not look particularly encouraging. While the Steelers were without some key players, it’s not like Tebow had been lighting up the world of late. There had even been some reports that […]

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