The Larijanis Meet Lisa Anderson and Martha Krienke of Boundless

Yesterday, MrsLarijani and I met Lisa Anderson and Martha Krienke of Boundless, at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. They were in town for the Radical conference. We live in the vicinity, so we decided to drop in and see them.

What struck me about them?

(1) Lisa and Martha were each quite amiable. There was no “stick it to the guys” attitude. They were in fact very conciliatory and personable. They were very enthusiastic about our take on what has been going on at Boundless.

That leads me to my second point…

(2) They came across as very humble. They explained the approach they have been taking at the site, and–in all honesty–what they are doing is very sensible. Initially, when the reorganization happened, I had my doubts. It seemed that they were running out all the married folks–Ted, Motte, Steve–and letting the single women take over. Cynics would have been understandably alarmed, as I was. (I have my theories as to why Ted isn’t there, but I’m keeping those assessments private.)

At the time, though, I was quite concerned that Boundless was slouching toward irrelevance at the worst possible time.

To Lisa and Martha’s credit, they have made some good strategic decisions, and the results have been pleasantly surprising.

They have managed to get a good lineup out there, and have put out some surprisingly good balance. Suzanne Hadley Gosselin has been a fine writer there. Glenn Stanton has put out some well-researched perspectives, and Matt Kaufman and Adam Holz have been very strong. Denise Morris has returned to Boundless, and is providing good material.

While initial cynicism–of which I was guilty–was warranted, to their credit Lisa and Martha have kept things well-balanced. Boundless hasn’t turned into a full-court press of Headship Theology. Nor are they blaming men for all the evils in the world.

Yesterday, they discussed some upcoming ideas they have for the site, but I won’t divulge the details here. I like their ideas, but I don’t want to steal their thunder.

(3) I’m very surprised that none of the male commenters at Boundless have given Lisa or Martha a chase. Martha was a tad quiet, but neither of them copped an attitude. Neither seemed plastic or artificially “nice”. Neither seemed to be bitter or angry. In fact, both were very pleasant.

I realize that, for many, geography may be an issue: Lisa and Martha are in Colorado Springs. But–other things being equal–Lisa and Martha would make good catches.

And no, they didn’t pay me to say that.