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March, 2012

Keith Olbermann Must Really Suck

He’s been fired by Current TV. The punch line: he’s being replaced by Eliot Spitzer.

Standardized Depravity

Our kids received yet another lesson in their own depravity today as the public schools in the state of Texas began administering the STAAR state standardized test this week. It’s a good thing, “A requirement that fifth- and eighth-grade students pass the exams to be promoted to the next grade is being waived this year.” because, […]

Proof of The War Against Men

Candice Watters, in her recent article for Boundless, mentioned something that the respondents largely overlooked: that modern potrayals of men have been largely unfavorable. You see it in the formula for popular TV shows: Beautiful, thin, smart, sexy, together woman marries (or dates) oafish, overweight, dumb, irresponsible guy. He’s the butt of every joke. She, […]


Vox Day has an excellent take on what I call the Maureen Dowd defense: Intimidation

The Trayvon Martin Case: My $0.02

A few months ago, we had an incident at my church. I was one of several volunteers working security: I was handling the back of the sanctuary, and the entrance. In that capacity, I was the roving worker who kept an eye on the larger picture. A suspicious looking man came in for the second […]

Stupid Comment of All-Time

I about choked on my coffee when I read this piece by “Sigrid”, in her attempt to attack Susan Walsh: @Susan: Your argument(s) (and I use “argument” loosely) about female promiscuity and its correlation to a litany of negative individual/societal outcomes notwithstanding, I find your tacit (0r perhaps not so tacit) support of “slut shaming” […]

They’ll Find Out the Truth Someday

I hear this often in many different scenarios regarding children who will find out the truth about their parents someday. It is true that we do not have to tell our kids all the bad stuff, nor should we. And it is also true that most kids find it out on their own, someday, when they’re […]

Woman Marries Herself

As MsrLarijani often says, you can’t fix stupid. (HT: Vox Day)

Financially Planning and Preparing for Marriage and Children

We talk about many things out here relating to planning (or lack of planning) to get married and have children, including age limitations, career, timing, and economics. One of the things I’ve hinted at from time-to-time is the cost of having a Special Needs Child. Some say you should plan for the worst and hope […]

Hoisting a Guinness, Extra Stout

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