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April, 2012

Oppose Bullying…Oppose Christianity!

Well, that’s what Dan Savage wants you to believe.

What Do You Do With What Comes Next?

Amir’s post, Giving Immorality a Free Pass, raises some questions about how to relate to people who have chosen similar paths as the years go on. Something simple gets complex with time and circumstance. For (a real) example, husband of Couple A and wife of Couple B have an affair, get caught, divorce their spouses, […]

Giving Immorality a Free Pass

I’ve blogged extensively about RL–our former pastor–abandoned his wife and daughter as he ran off with BW, his secretary. The church didn’t put up with it; both were removed from their positions immediately, and–when they refused to repent–they were excommunicated. What pisses me off? Not so much that they engaged in this gross immorality–although that […]

God Bless LEGOs

The feministas seem to have their panties–assuming they wear any–in a twist over LEGOs. I think I’ll buy some more.

The fall of Bobby Petrino: a long time coming

As promised, I’m continuing with my posts on the Bobby Petrino scandal. This time, I’ll focus on the man himself. Since his story has been beaten to death throughout the sports media, I won’t go into any great detail. However, as I see it, it’s yet another example of that cautionary saying: character matters. Pat […]

Dad’s With Custody

This is an interesting piece on Single Dad’s with Custody. According to this piece, Las Vegas has the highest number of single dad’s with custody. The depravity of man, or women, is very real, espcially in Las Vegas: A 24-hour work environment with many night shifts and plenty of temptations lead to more women abusing […]

It’s Not That Bad

Actually, this scandal is far worse than advertised. (1) The Secret Service–as well as any of the military Special Operations groups involved–is hardly a group of chaste altar boys. Like any other government entity, these entities attract all types. For every Secret Service agent who could be Tim Tebow with an MP-5, there are at […]

I Can’t Make This Crap Up!

Remember….this was written by the person heading up the FDIC. THIS is the caliber of intellect of the folks who are running our country. Doesn’t that just instill great confidence?

“Men Just Need to Get Over It!”

Ame is in an ongoing conversation with some ladies who are of the opinion that it is okay for a woman to “let herself go”, minding no attention to matters of appearance (weight in particular), and that “men should get over it and love them anyway.” These ladies appear to be in huge denial, as–when […]

Waiting for the Cops

can get you killed.

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