Thinking About Mother’s Day

I have a little job keeping a four-year-old girl several days a week while both her parents work. She’s adorable and reminds me so much of my Oldest when she was that age! She’s a joy for our whole family.

Sometimes they ask for help on the weekends. Mom works part-time retail, and sometimes Dad needs to work on Saturday’s, too. So today, Little Princess spent the day with us. (Little Princess calls all females princesses and all males princes. I love when she says, “Mrs. Ame, you’re a Princess!”)

Little Princess is sick. She has pink eye in both eyes, and hand, foot, mouth virus. The doc has her taking Benedryl for the hand, foot, mouth virus, so she’s extra groggy. I told her parents I’m happy to care for her when she’s sick as long as it’s not tummy-related … (I only do tummy-things for my own girls because I have to, and even then, my dear Husband usually takes over because I totally freak out.) The Benedryl takes the pain away, too, so her mouth doesn’t hurt, and she can eat and drink.

The money for this little job is a huge blessing. The parents have a similar parenting philosophy as I, and she blends right into our family. I love this Little Princess. As I held her and sat with her a good while today, making sure she was breathing okay while sleeping, I was thankful … thankful I have been able to be the one to care for my girls when they are sick and not a baby sitter … and thankful that this Little Princess has someone like me.

I love being a Momma. It has certainly stretched me in ways I never knew existed, but all for good, and all beautiful. Tonight my Oldest is at her 8th grade formal. Sheesh! My Little Princess is wearing a formal at an 8th grade dance … and she’d roll her eyes (most of the time) if I called her My Little Princess these days.

And I’m thankful I’ve been able to be home or work-from-home all these years to be there for my girls. At 12 and 14, they need me at home just as much as ever.

Mother’s Day is a mixed day for me. I do not have all those warm, fuzzy feelings or memories with my mother. There’s a picture I found a few years back where I was sitting on my mother’s lap when I was about one year’s old, and I was startled that I wasn’t trying to get away from her. It was disconcerting that there was a time I was comfortable sitting on her lap. She did the pick-and-choose method of being there for me growing up, and less and less as the years went by. There are things about my mother for which I am thankful, but it is difficult for me to be thankful for my mother.

However, I am┬ávery grateful that I am a Momma. My girls know I’m there for them. They know I’ve got their back, and their front, and their head and their feet, too. They love me the way I always longed to be able to love my own mother … and for that, I am eternally grateful.