Absolutely Shameful

I mention the case of Claire Russo–a Marine officer who was raped at a Marine Corps Ball by a fellow Marine–to point out how bad our world is.

But first, a couple disclaimers:

(1) Claire Russo–like the others cited i the story–did not deserve to be raped.

(2) Claire Russo–by any reasonable standard–acted prudently.

Fact is, she was an Officer. She was attending the Ball with her cousin, who was a Naval Aviator. She was introduced to a fellow Marine, who gave her a drink.

She had no reason not to trust that she was in good company: she was an officer at a military function, with a cousin who was himself an officer, and was in the company of fellow Marines.

I’ve mentioned it a couple times on these pages: NEVER, EVER ACCEPT A DRINK FROM ANYONE WHEN YOU ARE AT A BAR OR A PARTY!!!

Claire Russo trusted a guy to whom she was introduced by a cousin, AND SHE STILL GOT RAPED.

Russo’s case may be the extreme, and it may not be a high percentage of gals to whom this happens, but–if you’re Russo–the “chances” might as well have been 100%.


If you are female, there’s always going to be at least one jackass out there who has your number. Count on it. Whether you believe rape is about sex or about power, it doesn’t matter: there are going to be guys with designs on your flesh. Period.

And they will do anything–fair or unfair–to get your clothes off and get you into a compromising position. And those types are always going to hang out in bars, parties, and Military Balls. Especially where there is alcohol involved.

If you go to these functions,

(1) Go with a group of people who know, and stay in that group.

(2) Do not accept a drink from anyone other than a server.

(3) Go home with the people you came with. If there is alcohol involved, keep your drinks numbered: a beer or a glass of wine at most. If a guy offers you a ride home, DECLINE! Stay in your group.

I am not offering legalistic, hard commands here; far from it. I am offering advice.

As Russo can attest, the world is full of shady people.

Meeting Someone

We’ve talked quite a bit about the fierce challenges that singles face in this culture simply trying to meet someone who is ‘marriage material.’ I just saw this and thought it was not only very cool, but very gutsy (I know I would never do it!) But for you serious, single men out there … it might be worth a read.

Oh, and make sure you click over to the link for Kelly’s Korner: Show us your singles! Here’s one single woman who is doing something – GO KELLY!

(btw – at the time of writing this … Kelly has 259 singles listing bio’s who are looking for a marriage partner!)

The Biblical Non-Story of the Week

For the record: had Jesus been married, the issue would not be whether that would have detracted from His divinity. He forsook all the glory and privileges He had in heaven, and came to earth to live as a man. Had he chosen to include marriage–a covenant that He ordained to provide a portrait of His relationship with the Church–in that gamut of His human experience, then that would have been His prerogative.

At the same time, that would have raised other issues: not of his own divinity. Oh no…had Jesus been married, every heretic on earth would be speculating about the “divinity” of his wife.

That said, I totally reject the idea that Jesus was married, and for the following reasons:

(1) Had He been married, then this would have been noted in the Gospel accounts. The Disciples would have had no compelling reason to exclude this, and in fact it would have been integral to the Gospel accounts had it been the case. Like I said, marriage is a covenant that serves as a witness to the world for Christ’s relationship with the Church. Had He been married while on earth, then that marriage would have been too important not to include.

(2) When one reviews the account of the Gospels, it is quite obvious that Jesus was singleminded in his mission, and that mission did not include a spouse.

(3) While Jesus was close to a circle of women–particularly Mary Magdalene–there is no credible case that He was anything other than a friend or a teacher to them. That He allowed women to learn from His teaching was revolutionary. At the same time, there is no indication that His relationship with them was anything indicative of a husband-wife one.

Every now and then, we get a story that riles the masses over religious matters. A couple years ago, it was the Discovery Channel’s hype that Jesus’ grave had been found.

Now, we have the story of Jesus’ “wife”, which is effectively the recycling of a non-story on the basis of a papyrus fragment dated back to the 4th century.

While Al Mohler has a solid explanation of the scholarly issues of the “find”, I’ll put it in plain terms: to accept the hype on the basis of a fragment of something written almost 400 years after Jesus was here, would be tantamount to accepting–as authoritative–a commentary on Super Bowl I written in 2367, by an “analyst” who claims that the game was about the conflicts of Western Civilization rather than the beginning of an American sports classic.

Seriously, if you want to know about Jesus, read the Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These are accounts written by those who were THERE, and who placed a great deal on EYEWITNESSES, and were in a position to tell you what was really important to Jesus.

While I would have no qualms over Jesus having been married, the fact is it isn’t there. To conclude otherwise requires speculation of the variety that deifies imagination.

But that’s what liberals are all about…


A HUGE Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Larijani for completing a full marathon! While the Mister has experience in the full-marathon, this was the Mrs.’ first attempt, and she completed the WHOLE thing!


Truly an accomplishment … and though travelling 26 miles in 6 or 7 hours is no where on my radar in this lifetime, well,  unless being chased by a raving bull, I admire you both … especially the Mrs.


“When I was six years old, I cried all through church. It turned out I had an ear infection, but since I’d never had one before, neither my mother nor I knew what was wrong. After the service the preacher came up to me and said, ‘If you ever cry during one of my sermons again, you will go to hell.'”

Sometimes … the truth is worse than the lie. Wisely, her mother never took her back to that church. But the real damage was done to a legitimately ill, impressionable, six year old girl. She has since never trusted a preacher and won’t sit through a sermon. Bible studies are fine, but preachers and sermons are not.

The really spiritual would say, “She’s just making excuses.” I would have probably said that myself years ago. But the truth and reality are that the deep wounds in our souls are real.

Do you go to church? Do you care about the other people who are there when you are? Do you ever look for those who are alone or who may need someone to simply acknowledge they exist?

Preach the Bible. It’s enough all by itself.

Know and care about your neighbor.

It’s not a rocket science, though if you want to make it into one, Amir can debate you on it.

Some Twenty Years Later …

I used to have all the answers. The older I get, the less I know.

We rarely talked well of him, but some twenty years later, he’s the one still in the game … and the proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

My oldest sister, the third of us four, had many learning disabilities. Over time she became very calm and quiet, and her gentle heart more visible. She married this guy none of us liked. He was just a mess … out of a divorce (with no kids) … from screwed up parents … and a theology that is, well, lacking – oh, and he went into the ministry as a pastor making his distorted theology even more prominent. They had their first son within a couple of  years – absolutely adorable kid. Then two more – another boy, and a girl. First Son graduated from High School in May, and he’s now backpacking in Ireland.

The family recently moved so my sister could care for her elderly, needy, MIL. It’s been three months and her husband still has not found a job despite applying everywhere. When my awesome nephew was planning his backpacking adventure, his dad did two things. First, he went hiking with a backpack on with his son daily so his son could get conditioned for his trip. Second, he sat his son down and went over his finances (he had worked and saved his own money for this trip). Dad basically told his son that with this much money he could only do this much, then he needed to come back home, get a job, and face the reality of life. Dad told son to grow up.

So, the dufus my sister married, or the guy we all thought was a dufus, turned out to be the most faithful spouse of all four of our spouses, turned out to be the best parent/dad of all four of our spouses, and spends more time with his kids that the other four.

And his kids? Grounded in the Bible. Grounded in the love of their parents. Secure. Level-headed. Thinking. Directed. My awesome nephew heeded his father’s wisdom. Rather than an open-ended trip, he bought a return ticket, and he’s making plans to come back home and find a job and decide what to do next. He’s freakin brilliant, so it’ll be interesting to see where God leads him. I’m proud of what he’s done, what he’s doing, who he is. And … I’m proud of his mom and dad. They’ve done a great job.

We don’t have to be perfect. We have to be willing.