Try to Be Like Them

Parenting is interesting. Some will think you’re not a family until you have a baby. Some will think you’re not a real family until you have more than one baby. Some will think that their perfect children are a total result of their own great parenting. When you have a boy or girl, some will think you don’t really know what parenting is until you have one of each. Sheesh. It’s enough to make one go mad.

Then, once a baby is in the home, there are the constant milestones conversations: when did baby roll over? sit up? walk? run? talk? potty train? eat certain foods? dress themself? clean up their own room? etc.

Once baby is kindergarten age, there are a whole host of other issues parents must decide how soon to introduce to their child. Sex is a big hot-topic – when and what and how much to you teach your kids? News. Tragedies. Hunger. That Uncle’s male friend is not, ummm, just a ‘friend.’

There are some things, though, that we have to share with our kids that we really don’t want to. Some things we’d rather hide away and ignore as if they never existed. Family Secrets. Due to a plethora of circumstances, I’ve had to share some of those with my girls lately. Sigh.

Knowledge, once received, cannot be undone … just as words spoken cannot be taken back … just as actions done cannot be undone.

Whether they live in your home or not, whether they’re yours or not, children are watching, listening, imitating, and continuously learning from you. Be the kind of man or woman that God can point out to a child and say, “Look at him/her … try to be like them.”


Now That We Nabbed the Boston Bombers…

On Friday night, the FBI called a press conference–with the Boston PD and told us:

(a) The Boston Marathon bombers are both accounted for;

(2) they are brothers, raised in Idaho;

(3) they were Tea Party activists, the older brother being a teacher at First Baptist Church;

(4) they were planning additional attacks on abortion clinics, and a large finale at a federal building, in order to make a statement on Tax Day.

Oh, wait, that narrative didn’t pan out, much to the chagrin of the left.

In actuality, it was more like this:

(a) they were brothers, born in Chechens born in Dagestan;

(b) the older brother–a Gold Gloves boxing champ in Massachusetts–was a recent convert to a radicalized Islam;

(c) the FBI–told by Russia that the older brother had been in bed with radical Islamists–investigated the lead and found nothing (or so they claim);

(d) the younger brother became a Naturalized Citizen last year, on September 11 of all dates.

When I saw the pictures last Thursday, I immediately had them pegged as Middle Eastern or Southern European. I had the latter part correct, and this angle makes it tougher for us: a lot of those Dagestanis, Khazaks, and Chechens can be just as radical as the Jihadist from Mecca, only they don’t “look the part”. Being Europeans, they can blend in with other Eastern and Southern Europeans: Greeks, Turks, Russians; Hungarians; Bulgarians.

At this point, I’m not of the opinion that these guys were part of some larger anti-American conspiracy. The more I read of it, the more I’m convinced that (a) the older brother–Tamerlan–went ballistic over having his Olympic aspirations dashed, and (b) Tamerlan influenced his younger brother to join him in his envy-fueled rage.

Their attack was not particularly well thought-out;. While the bombs were placed strategically, they apparently gave little thought to their exit strategy. Had they the brains, they would have been on a plane for Russia within two hours after the blasts. They would have been in the remote portions of Dagestan or Chechnya by the time the FBI released the photos. They’d be long gone, and–by the time the feds figured out who they were–they’d be way behind the curve.

Now what about the conspiracy theories?

(1) While the FBI may have dropped the ball, I would not be too hard on them here. It is likely that the Russian government provided enough information to let us know that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a problem, but not enough information to amount to actionable intelligence.

(2) A reputable source–University of Mobile coach Ali Stevenson–indicated that he was told it was just a drill. This, of course, has added fuel to the conspiracy fire. My take: the folks who told him it was a drill didn’t know what they were talking about; they could have been stunned by the surreal nature of what was transpiring. Coach Stevenson received bad information.

(3) Some photographs indicate that Navy SEALs–current or former–were working security. This means nothing. It is likely that some current or former SEALs were working for xE (formerly Blackwater) or a similar private outfit to provide security for what was a high-profile event. I doubt these guys would intentionally allow a terrorist attack to happen. Special Operators tend to be a very patriotic bunch, and would have a marginal interest in taking out bad guys. It is what they do.

(4) as for the Saudi guy, he could easily have been at the wrong place at the wrong time. While deporting him was probably not the wisest move, that does not make a compelling case that this was an inside job.

Hopefully, we’ll get to the bottom of things. What did the FBI know, and when did they know it? What did they do with what they knew?

And while law enforcement is getting good marks for tracking these guys down, some of us also have taken note of their warrantless searches of homes, their confiscation of property, and their imposing of martial law on an entire locality. Hard questions need to be asked, and appropriate folks need to be held to account. Apologies need to be made, and appropriate properties–including firearms and munitions–returned.

But the group with the most egg on their faces is the American Left: they were convinced that the bombers were white, Christian Tea Party activists, when in fact the bad guys were Islamist thugs from a region of the world known for Islamic thuggery.

That leads me to another question: why the hell are we taking in people from these parts of the world?


from Vox Day:

Now, I realize that many doubt my thesis that most of the desirable tenets of Christian civilization will not survive in post-Christian society, but note that in Diamond, we already have a well-regarded, much-honored academic overtly advocating a return to many pagan, pre-civilized customs. But it never seems to occur to those who eagerly anticipate Western post-Christianity that those raised in a pagan society without Christian customs and strictures will not necessarily retain the civilized customs that are inculcated in the secularist or pagan raised in a Christian society.

It is easy to say, well, we’ll keep the Western strictures against widow-strangling, witch-burning, and academic-raping, we’ll just toss the ones against homosexual-marrying, public fornication, polygamy, and letting children play with loaded guns… wait a minute! The brutal reality is that a society in which most children are “allowed to make their own choices and follow their own interests” is a society where the values, and the resulting societal strictures, will eventually be decided by those semi-feral children and not their overly permissive parents.

What has long been decried by the civilized Christian West as “the cowardly act of animals” – how very raciss and judgmental – may well become the next “new normal”. No one should be so foolish as to believe that behavioral change on a societal level is either predestined or readily controlled by government bureaucracy. It is easier to destroy than create; it is easier to degrade than strengthen. The progressives who proudly proclaim that the youth of today are much more open to “gay marriage” should keep in mind that in the not-too-distant future, those formerly open-minded youths may well find themselves position of the disregarded, close-minded elderly, listening in horror as the progressives of tomorrow proudly proclaim that the youth are much more open to “sexual services on demand”.

Take away the Christian consensus that informs the Western understanding of what is “civilized”–we sure as heck didn’t get it from the Atheists–and you will have to replace it with something.

Vox did leave out an angle: those youth–proudly extolled by today’s academics for their “open-mindedness” on a variety of issues from gay “marriage” to in utero infanticideabortion–will be the same progressives who fill the death panels that will green-light the “right to die” of these academics when they become too much of a burden on society.

Quote of the Day

from Vox Day:

It may help to keep in mind that at Vox Popoli, those who live by the rhetoric tend to die quickly and brutally by the dialectic.

Here the rhetoric is only used to dance on the grave afterward.

I like it: live by the rhetoric; die by the dialectic.

And here is the post, which itself makes some good reading for those interested in the evolution debate.

A Few Thoughts on the Boston Marathon Bombings

(1) The bombs went off at the 4:09 mark in the race. The average finish time last year was 4:18.

What does that mean? At the time the bombs went off, there would have been a high volume–perhaps the highest volume–of runners crossing the finish line. The bombers very likely planned this to maximize the number of people killed and injured.

(2) As far as whodunit, it could have been anyone. This week marks the anniversary of the Waco disaster, the Oklahoma City bombings, the Columbine shootings, tax day, and and Hitler’s birthday. So you can’t rule out white supremacist groups, and anti-government groups.

You also cannot rule out a home-grown Islamist group. A couple years ago, an Islamist nearly set off a car bomb at Times Square, but he got caught.

And don’t forget North Korea. While their military and/or intel network is of dubious capacity, I do not put it past them to use a proxy group to make a hit. And with tensions being as high as they are lately, a low-tech bombing by proxy is not out of the realm of possibilities.

(3) It was a gun-free zone.

(4) No firearms were involved.

(5) In spite of (3) and (4), I’m sure this will be used as another front to assault gun rights.

Vox Day Hits Another Homer

This is his take on the Kermit Gosnell trial.

No doubt this case will spark protests that Not All Abortion Clinics Are Like That as it gradually leaks into the public consciousness despite the best efforts of the media to keep it contained. But that is akin to claiming that there was nothing wrong with Bergen-Belsen because, after all, things were worse at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Let’s make it perfectly clear. If you are a doctor or a nurse who performs abortions, you are every bit as bad, every bit as purely evil, as the SS-Totenkopfverbänder who slaughtered people in the National Socialists’ extermination camps. And if you are a woman who aborts her child, you are every bit as bad, every bit as disgusting, as the SS guards at those camps, who may not have bloodied their hands themselves, but were complicitcollaborated by making the killing possible.

And if you simply support the so-called “right” to legal abortion, you are no better than a card-carrying member of the National Socialist German Workers Party. In fact, you are even worse. For all their many flaws, the National Socialists at least had a substantive cause: the preservation of a defeated and economically devastated German nation. Your cause is mere female convenience, rendering you even more repellant and abominable in the eyes of anyone who values human life. Their symbol was the reversed Swastika, but yours should be a pyramid of infant skulls.

I understand you have your rationalizations and your justifications. I am aware that you firmly believe that an unborn, or partially born, or newly born, child is either not human or is for some reason or another unworthy of the same right to life possessed by adult human beings who hate racism, support sexual equality, and voted for Barack Obama. I appreciate that you are absolutely convinced that acting to terminate the life of a genetically unique individual who is dependent upon his mother for his continued survival is no different than cutting one’s hair or trimming one’s nails. I know you assert that because it is a woman’s body, she can do whatever she wants with it, all the various trespassing and drug and flasher laws notwithstanding. Or perhaps you have a different reason, in which case feel free to make your case for it here.

But remember this: the Nazis had their justifications too. And those justifications were considerably more soundly rooted in science, history, and logic than yours are.

I assure you, I guarantee you, that future history is going to remember feminists and everyone else who supported the 20th-21st century Holocaust of the Unborn with every bit as much disgust and horror as today’s progressives regard 18th-19th century slavers and 20th century Nazis. The tide is already beginning to turn, as many feminists have finally realized a few of the unforeseen, but retrospectively obvious consequences of their so-called right and begun lobbying for laws against sex-screening and the free exercise of their unholy “right” for officially unapproved reasons.

So, I call on you to rethink your stance, truly rethink it, and repent. Redeem yourself by turning against this evil practice you have supported and speaking out against it. Ask for forgiveness from God and from the millions of innocents whose deaths you rationalized and even encouraged. What is done cannot be undone, but it is never too late to turn away from evil and refuse to continue walking along its dark path.

Stop all the endless rationalizations and justifications. Just stop. They are pointless. You know, in your heart of hearts, they aren’t convincing anyone. They aren’t even convincing you.

During my tour of duty at the crisis pregnancy center–from 1990 to 1993–it was accepted that about 1 in 4 women of childbearing age had had at least one abortion.

Now, that figure is closer to 2 out of 5.

Men: in other words, if you are dating a woman who has EVER had sex, there is probably a greater than 50/50 chance that she has had at least one prior abortion. Do with that information what you will.

This has great implications–none of them good–on a variety of fronts. I shall elaborate later.