Josh Duggar Outed in Ashley Madison Hack

In May, when I assessed the firestorm over Josh Duggar, I had this to say:

It would be fair, in his circle of accountability, to question him significantly about who he is today. Has he cheated on his wife? Does he use pornography? What changed in his conduct after his scrapes at age 14? Has he learned to control his passions in a way befitting a Christian gentleman?

Well….we now have our answer.

It appears that Mr. Duggar never learned to control his passions, and in fact let them run beyond even the loosest Christian boundaries.

He HAS cheated on his wife.

He IS addicted to pornography.

His sexual experimentation has far exceeded the marriage bed.

I say none of this to kick Duggar while he’s down. He’s not the only person outed in the Ashley Madison hack; in fact, over 30 million people were outed. While some of those e-mail accounts may have been hijacked and the people “outed” could be innocent, let’s just say that the overwhelming majority are probably guilty. This is a sad commentary on America.

My cynical side says that the ranks of Ashley Madison users will include no small number of ministers and other Christian leaders. This could lead to the mother of all shakeups in the Church, and that will likely be a good thing when the smoke clears.

I feel sorry for the offended spouses and their children.

As for Mr. Duggar, his character has caught up to him. His parents let him skate when he was a teen; he has not checked his passions and has instead expanded them into adultery and other perversions. He now must face a reality that has become public knowledge, even as he faces a lawsuit from one of his former victims.

I hope, for this own sake, that he faces his reality as David faced his own.

And like I said, he won’t be the last.

Women in Ranger School: Two Made It

When the first co-ed Ranger School class began, the first week had much promise: eight of them, out of 19, made it through the first week. This prompted critics to wonder if the standards had been lowered. Personally, I was not so sure: most of RAP week is PT, and there are women who can handle extreme PT.

Then, in the Darby Phase, reality kicked in. Of those eight, five washed out. Three of them, after washing out of Darby twice, were given a “Day 1 restart”, meaning they had to recycle through Ranger School, starting on Day 1 of RAP week.

All three of them made it through RAP week, and all passed the Darby Phase.

One had to recycle the Mountain Phase, and two of them made it through the Mountain Phase.

Those two would go on to complete the Florida Phase–in spite of the lightning–and graduate.

Not surprisingly, both are West Point grads.

While critics may argue that the Ranger School standards were lowered, I’m willing to give these ladies the benefit of the doubt. After all, a lot of men washed out of Ranger School, too.

My argument against women in Ranger School is a cost-benefit issue–and I’ll stick to that, given that, out of over 120 women who volunteered, only 20 qualified to get in, and only 19 showed up for the first day, and only 2 made it–and not about whether some can handle it.

Still, I’ll tip my cap to these two who earned the Ranger Tab. That is quite an accomplishment.