Pastor Saeed and Domestic Abuse Allegations

I must admit, I’ve grown skeptical over the years regarding domestic abuse. Why? For every case of abuse, I’ve seen at least two fabricated sets of allegations. (No exaggeration, either.)

Usually, the latter are either (a) women seeking to get out of a marriage to a man whom they no longer love, or (b) women playing the martyr within their churches. In those cases, I have utter disregard for the accusers, as they are bearing false witness against others, in addition to casting aspersion on women (and even men) who really DO need help.

Having said that, I believe Naghmeh Abedini.

(1) She does not appear to be trying to get out of the marriage;

(2) Given (1), she has no other reason to raise these allegations, given the predicament of her husband.

I say none of this to pile on men in general, but I also believe her allegations of porn addiction on his end.

Still, we should fight for his freedom from jail and his return to the States. As an American, he is deserving of the best efforts of American diplomacy to secure his freedom. The Church should also commit to doing Her part to bring Saeed home.

Whatever his issues, those are matters to be addressed when he returns. If she wishes to press charges, then that is a legal issue. Otherwise, it is a matter for the larger Body to address.