This Author Gets it Right

Since I shared an author that totally screwed up, I thought I’d share one that got it right. The setting is 1870’s rural England.

    “He was interrupted by a wailing sound from the vicinity of the hay barn so filled with agony that chills pricked [the vicar’s wife’s] back.”
    “What was that?” [The Vicar] asked, quickly rejoining her side.
    “We’ve had to pen up one o’ the bulls. A bad tooth. [The vet] is comin’ this morning to pull it.”
    “Yes?” Another bellow pierced the air. “Does that happen often?”
    “Only once here,” Mr. Hayes replied. “Some five years ago. He’ll have to be put to sleep with some o’ that chloroform, of course. They don’t take kindly to knives.”
    “Why, yes. The gum has to be slit so’s pliers can get a better grip.”
    [The Vicar’s] face went pale. Threading an arm through her husband’s, [the vicar’s wife] said, “We should look in on Mrs. Hayes now. …”
    “Yes, thank you,” [The Vicar] echoed in a strained voice. “Will you be joining us inside?”
    The dairy farmer shook his head. “With all due respect, Vicar, I would just as soon stay with the bull.” …
    [The vicar’s wife] was accompanying [the Vicar] up the walkway through a garden, which almost rivaled the squire’s in its profusion of well-tended flowers, when the cottage door opened. Mrs. Hayes, framed by the doorway, squinted at them. “I was expecting you last night,” she said in a voice laden with umbrage. “Didn’t James tell you it was important?” James was one of the farm workers when he wasn’t running errands for Mrs. Hayes.
    “And good morning to you too, Mrs. Hayes.” [The Vicar] doffed his hat. “Your garden is looking especially lovely today.”
    “You’re baiting her,” [the Vicar’s Wife whispered. With a calm smile she explained to the woman as they reached the door, “We were entertaining supper guests when your note arrived and knew you would understand our waiting until this morning.”
    It didn’t matter that the guests were Jonathan and Elizabeth and the Clays. Family members and old friends were due the same courtesies as any other guests. Had there been an actual emergency, [the Vicar] would have left at once. But he had been summoned by Mrs. Hayes enough times in the past to know that this wasn’t one.
    Mollified only a little, the woman frowned and glanced past them. Her blond hair was drawn back so tightly that the comb marks were visible. “You’ll need to fetch Luther, Vicar. He’s -“
    “Busy in the barnyard,” [the Vicar] cut in. “Will you allow us inside, Mrs. Hayes?”
    “But -“
    “Or shall we stand here and chat?”
    The woman looked stunned but stepped back to allow entrance into the parlor. She nodded them toward an austere mahogany-framed settee, …, then sat in a matching chair. “I don’t see how you can put Luther to rights if he’s not here,” she whined. “He spent almost all of yesterday afternoon at that smithy’s.”
    “I can lecture him until I’m blue in the face,” [the Vicar] replied. “But I can’t undo the damage from what goes on here every day.”
    [The Vicar’s Wife] held her breath. She had never heard him speak so bluntly. …
    “What do you mean, what goes on here?” Mrs. Hayes asked, fingers worrying the ivory cameo pin on her collar. “I’m a God-fearing woman, Vicar. You know that.”
    With an audible sigh, [the Vicar] answered, “I’m afraid you talk too much, Mrs. Hayes. And most of what you say is of the complaining nature.”
    She gaped at him while two red spots spread across the severe lines of her cheeks.
    “The Scriptures say that it’s better to live in the wilderness than with a contentious woman. You must either change your ways or resign yourself to many more years of loneliness in your own cottage.”
    [The Vicar’s Wife] noticed a slumping of the woman’s shoulders and wished she could get up and put her arms around her. But … she knew [the Vicar’s] counsel to be good, and she must not interfere.
    “H-how?” Mrs. Hayes asked.
    [The Vicar] must have sensed that he was pushing too hard, for he sat back a bit and said more compassionately, “Your garden is lovely, Mrs. Hayes. But the most beautiful flowers in the world can’t bring you the joy that a good marriage can. I would advise you to put as much time and effort into your marriage as you do your garden.”
    She asked again, with still a trace of a whine in her voice, “How, Vicar? It’s rare that he even listens to me.”
    “Then listen to him for a change.”
    “But he hardly speaks to me either.”
    “Why make the effort if he’s only going to be interrupted with some complaint? Conversation – even in a marriage – is not unlike a game of catch, Mrs. Hayes.”
   He gave her a grimacelike smile, but his eyes crinkled at the corners. “You played it as a child, didn’t you?”
   Her expression softened with memory. “Oh yes, Vicar.”
   “The object of the game was simple, wasn’t it? You toss the ball back and forth. A good conversation is built upon the same principles. After you’ve had an opportunity to speak, you allow the other person the same courtesy. It wouldn’t be much fun to play catch with someone who refused to toss the ball back to you, now would it?”
   He rose from the settee, so [his wife] got to her feet as well. “And now we’ll leave you to do what you have to do.”
   “What I have to do?” she asked, looking up at both of them.
   “Mr. Hayes is proud of those new calves. I would imagine if you spent a little quiet time at his side, he would be happy to tell you how he’s tending to them.”
The Dowry of Miss Lydia by Clark by Lawana Blackwell, Loc 4080-Loc 4142

Another Christian Bellweather Charged with Fraud

I have long been a supporter of native missionary endeavors; Gospel for Asia is one of the better-known organizations specializing in that arena.

Sadly, it appears that K.P. Yohannan has allegedly been using monies from donors–far beyond what would be reasonable–for his own extravagance.

Hopefully, the story and suit are BS. At the same time, based on my observations of these kinds of matters over the years, I’d say that the odds of the story being true are pretty solid. I wish I could say otherwise, but the cynic in me says GfA has a problem.

Exalt the Wife?!

I received a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas, 2015, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved getting to know authors through their offerings of free Kindle books. I enjoy mostly Christian fiction, most of which is written by women, and most all of which includes some form of romance.

I have probably read a good 100 books, I would guess, and I have been pleasantly surprised to find very little that has been anti-biblical. Actually, there has been much support of biblical roles of husband and wife – wife respecting and submitting to husband, and husband loving wife. Until I read Journey to Fulfillment by Laurie Larson, her 3rd book in a series titled: Pawley’s Island Paradise.

The first two books were nice to read, and I really enjoyed getting to know Pawley’s Island since I, too, grew up on a beach. Although there were some little red flags, there was a balance of strong men whose authority was respected. However, this third book began raising red flags almost from the beginning and culminated with a scene I have copied below with the female protagonist.

I think it’s important to mention that the husband in this book is a good man and a good husband … the author makes this clear, and the female protagonist believes this to be true. A conflict has arisen where the husband has made a decision, and his wife disagrees. She follows this up by blatantly ‘vetoing’ her husband on a second decision that she wants.

There was a thread of hope a little later in the book when this character spoke with her father, and her father gave her wise advice … which she did not heed. But further on in the book her dad basically squashed that by telling the husband: “Allow a few words of advice from a man who’s been married way longer than he was single. It’s important to do what’s right. But it’s not important to always get your way. And sometimes what your wife thinks is right, is just gonna have to do.”  … “I believe you have two choices. You either find a way to get over this, or you’ll destroy your relationship. And I know neither of you want that.” … “… I suggest you get your negotiation skills out, brush ’em off and put them to use. Neither of you is going to get your way entirely. You have to work together and get past this. Make it work. No use being right if you end up alone, now is there?” (pp129-130)

Sadly, the author ends the book with the wife’s choices having great success, and the husband fully submitting to the wife on both counts, stating she was right all along, and he was wrong. The author also took it so far as to allow the wife to refuse her husband sex until she was happy with the outcome … which, in this book, meant that he agreed with her. Unfortunately, I think that similar final conclusions could have been reached while also following biblical roles for husband and wife. The husband’s reasonings on the first decision were valid, though intensely emotional, based on childhood trauma which he worked through in the book. (I think the author wanted to show how childhood trauma plays out in an adult’s life and how they need to work through it). Given time and quiet prayer, a man who honors God would have been able to be led by God to a more balanced decision. The second decision he made based on sound business sense with the facts she presented. Had she done her research more thoroughly and presented wisely, she may not have received his approval for exactly what she wanted, but they would have come to a very workable decision. It seemed, though, the author was all about exalting the wife and demeaning the husband.

I know this has been lengthy, and the quote below is also lengthy, but it would be beneficial to read it in its entirety. The scene opens where the wife has decided she needs time away from her husband to pray and figure out what to do, so she spends a night away from her husband. While away she decides to open her laptop to see if she can find any help from the Bible.

     She read, “First Peter, chapter 3. Wives, in the same way submit yourselves to your husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives, when they see the purity and reverence of your lives.     ​

     She sat back and let her mind wander over the verses. It appeared to be referring to wives being responsible for living in a godly and Christian-like way in order to win their husbands over to belief in God, in case he didn’t believe to begin with. That didn’t really apply to her and Tom. One thing she’d always loved about him was his faith in God, and his determinedness to live a life following the Lord.

     She looked back at the laptop. “Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect as the weaker partner and as heirs with you of the gracious gift of life, so that nothing will hinder your prayers.”

     See, this was the kind of Bible verse that didn’t seem to apply to the modern generation. A weaker partner? She didn’t consider herself a weaker partner in her marriage. Tom had his role, and she had hers, both in their business together, and their parenting of Stella. But they were equal partners in life. She liked the part that said, “heirs with you of the gracious gift of life.” That had a nice ring to it. But her … a weaker partner? No way.

     But did Tom think of her that way? He had said he was the head of the household, and he had made a decision, and it was her job to accept it. That sounded remarkably old-fashioned. She was a modern woman. How can you be an educated, successful, married woman in the modern age, and still follow the spirit of what the Bible says about marriage?

     She searched the Bible site for “head of the household” and came up with Colossians 3: “Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting to the Lord. Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them.” So, wives had to submit to, or obey their husbands in everything, and all husbands had to do was to be nice to their wives? That certainly didn’t seem like God’s will.

     And another reference: Ephesians 5: “Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is the head of the church. Now, as the church submits to the Lord, so wives submit to their husbands in everything.”

     Marianne slammed the laptop lid closed. She needed help. She needed a Bible study or a scholar to explain this concept to her. She’d been a Christian her entire life, and she never felt like God had relinquished her, as a woman, or worse, as a married woman, to just meekly go about, following her husband’s commands. That was foreign to her. She had a brain, she had ambition. If that were what God wanted for females, who would willingly sign up for that kind of life?

     She had to be missing something here. She opened the lid again and searched for help in interpreting these verses. She really wanted to understand God’s will for her in maneuvering these bumps in the road with Tom. But she had to understand what God expected of her as a wife before she could figure out if her behavior and attitude needed adjusting.      ​

     Google provided her with an abundance of links. But it wasn’t until she clicked on one about halfway down the page, that the understanding dawned like a beach sunrise.    ​

     Ephesians 5 continues, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless. In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself.”     ​

     God’s charge to husbands is to love their wives as Christ loved the church. That was a very high order: Christ gave himself for the church — he laid down his life for it. So, husbands are expected by God to lay down their lives for their wives, if necessary. A husband’s love for his wife should be foremost in his mind, his highest priority. The authority the man has over the woman, in God’s perfect plan, is founded on his love to her, and this love must be big enough to lead him to risk his life for her. And the wife, if she is a good wife as planned by God, is deserving of that level of love expected of the husband.

     The wife, when looked at it in this context, is someone to be exalted.

     ​Marianne closed the laptop and set it on the bed. Her mind was racing and her pulse was making her fingers tingle. She’d hit on something important here, she just needed time to process it. She prayed, God, thank you for leading me to that section. You don’t just look at a woman or a wife as some lesser partner who follows the man’s orders. You see her as an exalted partner so worthy of her husband’s respect and devotion, that he would give his life for her if necessary, just like your Son did for the church. Help me to understand that. And help me to apply that to my own life, my own marriage. I know you don’t want me to turn my back on my brother, even though that’s what my husband wants me to do. Help me, God, help me to find answers and comfort and peace, while helping me heal my marriage. Amen.

​     Would Tom agree with this verse? Would he be willing to give his life for her or for Stella, if needed, to protect them? Her instinct told her he would. And what if the tables were turned? Would she be willing to give her life to protect or save Tom’s life? But God didn’t call on wives with the same expectation. (pp 105-108)

What I Teach My Kids

Dalrock recently wrote a post that talked about what some leaders believe is the most important thing they can teach their daughter(s). I thought about that some, as I have two daughters, ages 16 and 18, and a step son who is also 18. What have I taught them? What do I think is the most important thing to teach my daughters and step son?

  1. They are loved. God created them with purpose; God loves them. God chose me to be their Momma / Step-Momma, therefore I love them. Period..
  2.  For my girls, I taught them 1 Peter 3:4 when they were preschoolers: “[Your beauty] should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.” They are beautiful, and I tell them that all the time. But I teach them that their true beauty comes from within. And I teach them that all people are beautiful just the way God created them. Period.
  3. Life is not fair, just, or equal. Get over it. When they were little and whined, “It’s not fair!” I would say, “Life is not fair, just, or equal. Get over it.” And they would whine again, “But, it’s not fair!” So I’d repeat and tell them to add this ‘not fair’ to the list. They got to where they’d whine, “It’s not fair! And I don’t want to add it to the list!” I love kids!
  4. There is truth, and there are lies. They get to choose which they believe. I’ve never subscribed to the idea that I can make my kids believe what I want them to believe and do exactly what I want them to do. They will make their own choices in their lives, and more often than not, I will not be there when they make those choices. A lot of our conversations go something like, “Well, the truth is ____, and the lie is ____. You get to choose which you believe and what you’re going to do about it, however, what you believe will not change what is true and what is a lie.”
  5. Life is not all about you. It just isn’t. Sometimes we get to make it all about us, but those are rare and small moments in time compared to all of life.
  6. Sometimes we get a second chance, or third, or more, and sometimes we don’t. That’s just life. There are some mistakes we make that we get another shot at. But there are some we make that have permanent consequences. Choose well.
  7. I don’t care who starts it; I care who ends it. My kids hear this from me a lot. So there’s a situation in their life … there’s a place to analyze how we got to that place, but we need to figure out how to deal with it and move on.
  8. Think. Just … think. I can’t remember what it was we were talking about recently, but in the middle of the conversation my daughter said, “That’s because you’ve taught us to think, Mom.” And I thought, “Yes!”
  9. Tell the truth. Own your own truth. Admit when you’re wrong.
  10.  Learn to forgive.

I’m not perfect. I make a lot of mistakes. I own those and ask forgiveness. If there’s one thing I live for and pray for, it’s to live as long as my girls need me to live so that I can pour as much of myself into them as possible to last them their entire lives.

2-14-16 – Editing to add one more:

11. I’ve got their back. No matter what, my kids know I’m here for them, and I’ll go to bat for them. My husband will tell you I’m a pretty laid back, almost passive person … till you mess with my babies … then Katy bar the door b/c all bets are off. My Youngest was in special ed from kinder on … and if you’re gonna pick any Momma to mess with, NEVER pick a sped Momma! We’ve fought more battles against more forces than we care to even know exist … and we’re fighting b/c we are their advocate, often their only advocate. By the grace of God, I’ve also taught them to fight for themselves, so, now, at their ages, they will often tell me to sit this one out … cause they know … once I get involved, it’s all over :).

TWW, Jenet Mefferd, and Justin Taylor

First, a few stipulations:

(1) I am a complimentarian. I do not see a face-value egalitarian way to read Ephesians 5. It just ain’t there.

(2) Having said that, I agree with TWW’s argument that complimentarian churches attract abusers. I would also argue that egalitarian churches attract feminist wackos. The issue is not whether a complimentarian church attracts an abuser, but rather one of what such a church does with an abuser once the abuses are recognized.

(3) Given my stipulation in (2), TWW is right to excoriate complimentarian churches (especially leaders) who give passes to abusers. They would also be correct to expose organizations and individuals who appear to be (or have proven themselves to be) shady at best or overly-authoritarian at worse.

(4) When a spouse is in an abusive situation, the resolution is not always as cut and dried as we want it to be. This is because it is not always a binary matter.

If criminal assault and/or battery is involved, then that’s one thing: you call the authorities and report it. This may be of sufficient severity that a separation or even a divorce may be necessary.

If it’s not a criminal matter–and many abuses are not–then it’s not as open and shut as we’d like it to be. The issue in such a case: do the “complementarian” leaders have the courage to confront the baggages involved?

Also of importance: Can such a church be impartial?

Honestly, it might be equitable for a church to bring in a third party to handle such matters that are otherwise abusive but not necessarily involving criminal charges.

Finding such a third party is both paramount and difficult, especially if accusations involve leaders or even prominent members who are well-entrenched in the church or community. Conflicts of interest–such as we saw with the Houston family in the Hillsongs scandal in Australia–can be a serious problem. I realize that is stating the obvious, but it seems that a heck of a lot of otherwise very knowledgeable evangelical leaders seem to have trouble avoiding such sandtraps.

This is why we have men such a Boz Tchividjian, who specialize in confronting sexual abuse in the Church. Boz is the E.F. Hutton of that arena: when he speaks, I shut up and listen. He may not ALWAYS be right, but I trust what he says on this matter more so than I trust the average preacher. This is because I respect Callahan’s Law: A Man’s Gotta Know His Limitations.

And that’s where Justin Taylor and Joe Carter need to cool it.

Enter Janet Mefferd.

I had never heard of Janet Mefferd before she confronted Mark Driscoll over potential issues of plagiarism, as well as the methods by which he marketed his books as best-sellers. While Taylor might look at Mefferd as grandstanding, I look at it a different way: HAD OTHER CONSERVATIVE EVANGELICAL LEADERS CONFRONTED DRISCOLL, HER CONFRONTATION OF HIM WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN NECESSARY.

Al Mohler is an outstanding intellect; I can personally attest to this. He can spot BS like few others. Why didn’t he confront Driscoll? Where was C.J. Mahaney? Where was John Piper? Where was Tim Keller? Where was Ligon Duncan?

These are smart men; why did it take Mefferd to hold Driscoll’s feet to the fire?

Why is this celebrity circuit silent about abuses in evangelical ranks?

THAT is why we need TWW and Mefferd and other watchbloggers. I don’t always agree with them; they are, however, a canary in the coal mine regarding matters about which other conservative leaders are often silent.

Fact is, we have a plethora of abuses in the Church. We have clergy who are abusive, to the wives, children, and even others in the Church. We have church leaders who, when confronted with allegations of abuses–including the sexual abuse of children–act in ways that are akin to CYA rather than the interests of those abused.

I personally know two people who are doing more that 20 years in prison each for child rape. Don’t tell me it doesn’t go on. And in one of the cases, the abuser skated for years because he had friends–who were in positions of authority–who covered for him.

Personally, I’m sick and tired of abusive church leaders–and those who cover for them–who give the Church a black eye. And while folks like Mefferd might be a pain in the posterior at times, their exposes serve a useful purpose.

but God

grieving … is so hard. i’m so tired, so weary, of grieving. i feel like i’m finally coming out the other side. it’s been such a slow and painful process. so much. so very much.

i am so grateful, so deeply grateful. like, from the infinite depths of my soul grateful, for my husband. he has endured with me through so much grieving. putting up with me. riding out my tumultuous waves. holding me tight so i don’t drown. letting me go a little when i needed to figure out my way. encouraging me. comforting me. for giving me the safe freedom to grieve and suffer and endure without condemnation or anger or directives.

there are days when i see the sun, now. and feel its warmth. and feel rays of hope … that life will, indeed, not simply exist … but be fulfilling once again. be purposeful, once again. have meaning, once again.

God … how can i articulate God? He is literally the air i breathe. often my prayers have been uttered from depths i cannot even comprehend, groans, desperate cries … ‘please!’ … ‘help!’ … ‘please don’t let go!’ … ‘please don’t give up on me!’ … ‘Oh, God!’ … ‘i desperately need You!’ … ‘i’m drowning!’ … ‘please!” … … …

i am not strong; i am less than weak. but God … but God 🙂

“Live In/Live-In girlfriend or Wife wanted.”

I saw this on facebook … will copy in its entirety since it will likely not be up for forever:



$1 / 1906ft2Live In/Live-In girlfriend or Wife wanted. Free rent, Power, Cable and (WIFI. Marietta GA in Cobb)

image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5image 6image 7image 8image 9image 10image 11image 12image 13image 14image 15image 16
© craigslist – Map data © OpenStreetMap

(google map)

1906ft2 available feb 29

room not private
private bath
w/d in unit
off-street parking

[WHAT I WANT]: I’m seeking a non-smoking female, size 14 or smaller [aka “under” size 16 unless you are tall and carry it well] “probably” under age 58 but maybe not, no taller than 5’10 [because I’m 5’10], who is drug, disease and drama free [Like me]. You will live in my nice 1967 brick ranch home with me as my live-in girlfriend/lover and possibly be my wife later in 2016 if you want [not required]. To be clear, I am NOT looking for “just” a roommate or someone to move in after only 1 week of me knowing you. I’m looking for a Girlfriend/Lover/Wife/Lifetime companion to do the following with: cuddle while watching movies, shop for groceries, cook, eat, trade massages/kisses, go walking, etc. You must NOT be an alcoholic, must NOT have unresolved felonies and NOT have a warrant out for your arrest. Other than that we can talk about your past issues BUT, you must be honest from day one! I’m a former Private Investigator so I “will” check you out. “Females” of any race will be considered but you must speak decent-to-good English. If your English is bad, we won’t work out. I’m NOT concerned about what kind of job you have [if any] at the time we meet [retired, self-employed, Sonic, T.J Maxx, unemployed, Walmart, or whatever]. You may even be on SSI/SSD or waiting on a Social Security Disability claim because of Anxiety, Depression, Fibromyalgia, OCD or whatever. I’m sorry but we all know what we want and I’m just stating my wants up front to save us both time. I hope you can appreciate and respect that [many ladies have told me they do!] instead of sending a worthless rude email. Many guys have just as many preferences as me but they usually do not put them all in their ad.

[BONUSES]: You’ll have the whole front bathroom to yourself. I’ll be in charge of all the laundry plus I will cook and/or prepare our food sometimes, or most all the time if you can’t or don’t want to! You will not have to pay for rent, power, cable TV [I have all 8 HBO channels], WIFI internet or garbage service! I have a Sam’s Club Membership too but I’m sure that is not what seals the deal for you! 😀 If you do not have a car, we can get you one as I have 2 friends that own used car lots and a few others that work for new dealers that get trade-ins. If your credit is bad I can teach you how to rebuild it. If you have no credit score [aka thin credit] I can probably get you on the board in only two months with a 665+ score, which is “FAIR”. Did I mention I have a Sam’s Club Membership yet?! 😉 [wink]

[ABOUT ME]: I’m a retired 52 year old East Marietta, GA [Cobb County] homeowner. I listed myself as age 49 to get views from ladies that type in 49 or 50 as their max, because I look younger than my age in most people’s opinion, plus more views increases my chances of meeting the right one. I’m a straight Single White Male, 5’10” tall, with no kids or pets. I have no tattoos or piercings but if you do that is fine. Mom died a few years ago and I’m now back in the house I grew up in. Considering that sentimental value and the facts that I’ve lived in Marietta all of my life, known and trust the neighbors for over 20+ years AND it is paid for, I never plan to move from my current home. So if you “never” plan to move from your place, even if we fall in love, we are not a match unfortunately. I own the house free and clear, in my name only, so I have no rent or mortgage payment. It’s a 3 bedroom with 2 full baths, full basement, double carport, central AC/heat and 2 driveways. It’s in a safe neighborhood 11 miles outside of the 285 perimeter at exit 267A [Canton Rd]. My house is fully furnished with 2 couches, 3 beds, washer & dryer and everything you need. I have a 42″ Vizio TV hung on the wall in the living room but I plan to upgrade this year to 65″ with 4K UHD [A man with goals!], then the other will go in the master bedroom with the queen size bed and the 27″ goes to the kitchen. I have a nice white remodeled kitchen with a large fridge/freezer, 21″ TV, dishwasher, glass top stove and built in oven. The back porch with a cement floor has been fully enclosed with carpet, paneling, a triple window, drapes, lights and a HVAC vent. It’s a nice room for a pool table, workout equipment, photography studio, massage tables, a large hot tub/jacuzzi or an office depending on what business you are in [if any] or what type of business you might want to start with me [if any]. Join me and let’s decide! I have no bed bugs, rodents, fleas or roaches by the way! The house is sealed up pretty tight and I spray around the outside once, sometimes twice a year. Even though I’m retired and do not work, I get by since I only have 7 bills a month and I owe no money to any person, company or bank! I’m a blue jeans a sneakers kind of guy and NOT a slacks, coat and tie guy. I have no pets or kids living with me so I expect you to have none to come with you [sorry]. I basically do not drink alcohol [only 2 drinks in 2015] but if you do that is ok, as long as you are not an alcoholic.

I’m caring, communicative, compassionate, considerate, dependable [but often late leaving the house a few minutes], detailed [in case you can not tell yet!], faithful, gentle, intelligent, kind, loyal, outspoken, reasonable, respectful, supportive, touchy-feely, trustworthy, understanding and witty. I know that trust AND proper communication are the biggest keys to any type of relationship so you won’t have to guess with me. I think adults should talk things out sensibly when an issue comes up and never hang up the phone mad or go to bed angry. I’m not handsome but I’m not expecting gorgeous either so please do not be shy or timid. I like to buy my lady flowers, cards and gifts for no reason at all plus I never forget birthdays, Anniversaries or Valentine’s Day!

[SEX]: I’m NOT into cyber sex, phone sex or sexting to name just a few. I’m straight, not bisexual. I like cuddling, kissing and massages as foreplay. If you’re celibate then we are not a match. I use condoms even for oral, to avoid STDs. When I trust you and we decide to date exclusively I expect you to go get tested with me at my expense.

[RELIGION]: I’m a Christian and attended services regularly thru about age 18 and was baptized in May of 1974 [age 11]. I do pray every so often but do NOT know the Bible well and have NOT attended any services in several years. I believe in the 10 Commandments and doing the right thing. Many hypocrites are in the pews every Sunday and a person does not have to attend services to get to Heaven in my opinion. Being in church does not make you a Christian just as being in a garage does not make you a car! If you are very religious then we “might” not be a match.

[POLITICS]: I consider myself a Libertarian that is Pro-Life and Pro-Gun [I’ve had a carry permit for 23+ years]. You can not get a carry permit if you are crazy, have a drug conviction, a felony or even a violent misdemeanor so that right there let’s you know I’m safe and sane. My record is clean except for several speeding tickets in my life and a V.K.O. [Violation of Knife Ordinance] citation. I’m not a member of the NRA and I’m not hunter. If you are pro-choice you are not ruled out. I “do” think abortion should be legal in cases of rape, incest and the mother’s health issues. I’m mostly conservative and lean mostly to the right but I do have “some” liberal viewpoints such as “rights for gays”. If you lean to the left that’s ok. If you’re a “vocal” liberal then we are “probably” not a match.

[HOBBIES/ACTIVITIES]: Photography, FaceBook, YouTube, Music CDs, 70’s/80’s/90’s music & trivia, Google, 60’s & 70’s cars, billiards/pool, collecting trading cards, collecting car magazines, garage sales, walking, buying AND selling on ebay, FB or CL, cooking and home improvements.

[FAV MLB TEAMS] #1=Braves. #2=Pirates.
[FAV MUSIC] B-52’s / Cars / Def Lep / Dread Zeppelin / Frankie Valli / Gap Band / Joan Jett / KISS / Led Zeppelin / Lez Zeppelin / Lynyrd Skynyrd / Metal Elvis / No Doubt / RUN-D.M.C. / Van Halen
[FAV NASCAR DRIVERS] Ford people! I’m not into it that much really but I could be if you are.
[FAV NBA TEAMS] #1=Hawks. #2=Spurs.
[FAV NCAA TEAMS] #1=GA Bulldogs. #2=Oklahoma Sooners. #3=Duke. #4=Kennesaw St. Owls
[FAV NFL TEAMS] #1=Falcons. #2=Raiders. #3=Cowboys. #4=Steelers.

Dr. Phil says “Every relationship is a negotiation” AND “Basically everything is negotiable”.
So, let’s negotiate! Email me now please. It’d be great if you’d attach a few pics in your first email and not just face shots. Lingerie pics are not required 😉

My emails do not go to my phone so you can contact me at anytime without disturbing me.
I’m not clicking on any Kik links or such but if you send your FB link I can add you there.
My last date was 10-15-15 so I’m obviously not currently dating anyone plus I have no roommate.
This ad was last updated 02-05-16. I have no plans for Valentine’s Day at the moment.
The End