Student Tried to Induce Abortion, Charged With Attempted Murder

While 20-year-old Theophilus Washington ought to be charged with something for attempting to induce an involuntary abortion with his pregnant girlfriend, I find it ironic that he is being charged with attempted murder, given that our Supreme Court hath decreed that his girlfriend can legally have the baby killed in an abortion mill.

If she wants the baby and the baby dies through wanton or negligent acts of others, then it’s a degree of murder.

If she doesn’t want the baby, she can legally kill the baby and it’s totally ok.

This is not the first such example of inconsistency regarding the value of life in utero.

Porn Actress Accuses Trump of Improper Behavior

The Donald is dying the death of a thousand cuts.

In his public life, he bragged about his sexual conquests–which included married women. Republican voters nominated him in spite of that known baggage. Under the radar, however, many otherwise stalwart conservative women questioned whether they could support him.

Then, the bombshell dropped: footage of him bragging about unsolicited kissing, pursuing married women, and “grabbing [them] by the p***y.”

After that, women have come forward, accusing him of unsolicited kissing and groping. Could those accusers be fictitious? You bet. They certainly do sound opportunistic, given that The Donald has been in the public eye for almost four decades. Trump has threatened to sue his accusers, although it will almost certainly be a case of “too little/too late”. The election is in two weeks, and such lawsuits will take months if not years. The damage is done.

Now, a porn actress–Jessica Drake–has come forward accusing Trump of propositioning her.

If Trump survives this and wins the election, then he has more lives than Rasputin.

The only reason he still has a chance is because his opponent, Hillary Clinton, is easily the most corrupt politician in American history to seek the Oval Office. Had the DoJ treated her like anyone else not named Clinton, she’d be lucky to get 5 years on a plea bargain.

Will the Jessica Drake accusations be the final nail in Trump’s political coffin? I don’t know.

While some would be incredulous that Trump would even put himself in the same company as a porn star, I am neither surprised nor shocked at it. Here we have a man who has been, by his own admission, sexually licentious for much of his adult life. Given that his fortune has provided him access to those popular in that industry, it is not surprising that he would use his influence to hang around in their circles. Drake may have rebuffed him, but I’m hardly naive enough to think that others didn’t accept his proposals.

If one is given to debauchery, then it ought not be surprising that they seek those who are popular in the debauchery industry. Josh Duggar had trysts with a porn star. Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was forced to resign when he was outed as a client of a high-end “escort.” That Trump would attempt to bed a porn actress, given his known baggage, should not be a shocker.

Right now, this election is pitting Jezebel against Nebuchadnezzar.

We know that Jezebel was totally evil.

We know that Nebuchadnezzar was generally evil, but–after his fiery furnace fail, and seven years of eating grass–turned out pretty good.

Should a Christian vote for Trump? I don’t know: that’s totally your decision. Is Trump merely a “lesser evil”, or does he have enough strength in his platform that makes a case FOR his Presidency? That’s for you to decide.

He talks a great nationalist talk; he’s right on immigration; he’s right on many issues of foreign policy; he’s right about the cartels that are screwing the health care industry; he’s right about abortion.

But can he be believed?

Do his past indiscretions nullify his platform?

A friend of mine–one of the sharpest people I know–had this to say:

For those who keep questioning why I continue to support a (racist, sexist, homophobe, islamophobe … name your own distorted propaganda characterization), here is my response:

I don’t care at all for the “character” issues in this election. Ceteris paribus, character would matter in this or any other election, but as is generally true, ceteris is not paribus.

I support Trump because of the following things that matter to me:

1. He proposes to enforce the immigration law. His opponent has made it clear, on the record, that she supports open borders. If you want to see the consequences of open borders, look at Europe.

2. I shudder to think what kind of people Clinton will nominate for the courts.

3. Trump seems more inclined for us to mind our business. Clinton has a proven track record of meddling in the affairs of other nations, with disastrous results. Many have died as a consequence of her awkward attempt at foreign policy.

4. Trump opposes untrammeled free trade. Clinton seems to want to continue this particularly destructive feature of the status quo.

5. Trump’s position on abortion is soft, and I have some doubt that his opposition to abortion is entirely sincere, but Clinton has made it clear, on the record, that she supports unrestricted abortion, using federal funds, right up to the moment of birth.

6. Clinton represents the elitist, wonkish crowd who got us into this mess. Trump, for all that he is a rich man who has participated in the system, is not one of them.

For these and several other reasons, I support the Trump candidacy. There are a number of things he favors that I don’t agree with. The Republican who would have come closest to my views was Ted Cruz – whom I detest on character grounds. I have said that I support Trump because I oppose Clinton, but my opposition is on the grounds of issues. I would have supported Cruz had he been the nominee, because of his positions on these and other issues, even though I despise him.

I am done with discussing Trump’s badly flawed character. If your response to the above is “yes, but Trump is a bad person,” I will ignore you. I would be glad to discuss the issues.

My case: barring a catastrophe–and trust me, you don’t want that–it’s going to be Hillary or Trump.

No third candidate will win. Any discussion of that is moot: Evan McMullin has no chance. Even if he and Gary Johnson took enough votes to throw the election into the House of Representatives–and neither will get so much as a single state–then Hillary will win. A critical mass of Republicans will oppose Trump; the entire Democratic caucus would get behind Hillary, and Hillary wins.

Barring a catastrophe, It will be Hillary or Trump.

You know what you are going to get with Hillary.

  • She will make federal court picks–lifetime appointments–who will enshrine the Marxist-Leninist agenda of the Left.
  • She will continue immigration policies–importing terrorists–that have been disastrous for Europe.
  • She will finish off the health care system, giving us a government-run system that will be abysmal.
  • She will sell us out to Europe, Canada, Central and South America, and China.
  • She will bring us closer to full-on war with Russia.
  • She will unleash the federal regulatory apparatus on conservatives of all stripes. Lois Learner will look like Ron Paul when Hillary is done with the Tea Party.
  • Get ready for federal attacks on gun rights.

The problem is whether Trump means what he says, or whether he is is really of the same mind as Hillary?

He is carrying the torch for a semi-conservative nationalist movement that is the “alt-right”; baggage aside, he is where he is because the alt-right is gaining steam, and that will continue irrespective of the election results.

Fair disclosure: I am not a prophet; I claim no special anointing. The following is my own assessment, and I am not even completely sure of myself, as this election is a total crapshoot.

My prediction: it will be a rout in the downcard. Republicans will lose the House and Senate. Badly.

But Trump will win.

TWW Potentially Steps in It

Here is what I am talking about.

According to the known facts:

(a) The youth pastor was downright reckless–or, worse, grooming the 16-year-old for a relationship–in speaking of his marital issues to the teen. (IMHO, the church should have fired him right then and there, but I can understand the case for not going that far. To their credit, they ordered him to stop.)

(b) The youth pastor, after heeding the warning for a season, resumed his reckless/grooming behavior, and pursued a relationship that became sexual in nature.

(c) The church, according to what is known, spoke to the youth pastor and promptly reported the matter to police once they became aware of it.

(d) The youth pastor is now serving ten years in prison.

Why am I suggesting that TWW may be going over the top? The headline–“Female teen was told by church to apologize to the wife of the *delusional* youth pastor who raped her.”

We do not know if that is true; that is merely what the teen’s mother said at the hearing. Right now, it is hearsay and has not been confirmed as a fact. The headline, however, suggests otherwise.

As far as we know, the church did an acceptable job handling the situation, as they made no attempt to cover for the youth pastor. They warned the pastor to knock it off before things had become sexual; when it became apparent that things had become sexual, they reported to the police.

The folks at TWW have rightly complained long and loud about churches whose leaders DO NOT report allegations to the police, and yet–in this case–the church DID report the matter and TWW is MAKING UP a reason to pile onto a church.

Ruth Tucker–because of her status as an “abused wife”–gets a free pass from TWW for covering up her husband’s sexual abuses, and yet a church that reported such matters gets accused–without tangible proof–of ordering a sexual abuse victim to apologize to her abuser?

Give me a flippin’ break, Dee.

Feminist Funnies: Science is Sexist Because It Isn’t Subjective

I can’t make this crap up.

Feminism is worse than a pandemic. Aside from the death toll exceeding 60 million, it promotes stupidity.

While feminists often accuse Christians of denying science, history shows that not only is that factually incorrect, but rather that feminists are guilty of projection on that front.

If there were ever a religion that required that you check your brain at the door, it would be feminism.

I drink–Guinness, Extra Stout–to its demise.

Trump is Done

Locker-room trash talk is one thing, this is another.

Get ready for 4 years of Hillary.

While Trump denies the allegations, keep in mind that he is in no position to defend himself on this. This is because, while he is a married man, he was known to venture outside that realm.

If you brag about “grabbing women by the p***y”, it’s hard to defend against women who come forward and accuse you of, well, grabbing them by the p***y.

I won’t vote for Hillary; as far as I am concerned, she is a Communist who will flush what is left of America down the commode if given the chance.

But after this, Trump is done.

We can argue about the how and why all day, but the reality is what it is.

Trump, the GOP, and P*ssygate

Earlier this year, during the primary season, a friend of mine–LF–who was one of the original “Trump Cultists”–I shall refer to them as the TrumpTrain–insisted that Trump was the only GOP candidate who could win. He insisted that Trump’s baggage was no big deal, as he was honest about his extramarital affairs, and “his life is an open book”. To him, Trump could do no wrong. To LF, Trump was the only true “outsider” running for the office.

Fair disclosure: I did not vote for Trump in the primary; I voted for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). I did not vote for Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) because, by the time that the Kentucky primary arrived, Rand had all but pulled out of the race, as his delegate count was low and his funds were tanking. Trump took Kentucky by a large margin.

I had the following issues with Trump at the outset:

(1) Trump’s record on life, liberty, and property issues is nebulous at best and abysmal at worst. He supported abortion rights until 2008, or at least that was his first articulation of a pro-life position. On gun rights, he is iffy at best, as he has not lifted a finger against the SAFE act in his home state. And on property rights, his abuses of Eminent Domain are legendary.

While his newly-found support of the pro-life cause is admirable, it’s hard to “trust but verify” when there is nothing to verify. Others, such as Cruz and Paul, had solid records on matters of life, liberty, and property.

(2) While many Trump critics have spent no small amount of energy comparing him to Hitler, I have long-maintained that such a comparison is very unfair: if anything, Trump is more like Napoleon. His arrogance, combined with his nationalism, are Napoleonic, for both better and worse.

(3) His platform, on balance, reflected support for a large government. We need that like I need another hemmorhoid.

(4) While he was honest about his extramarital affairs, he has been largely unrepentant about them. This is problematic in that, when you are dealing with a man (or woman) with that kind of baggage, the sexual matters are just the tip of the iceberg, and are reflective of character issues far more troubling.

My concerns were validated last week, when footage of Trump surfaced, in which he bragged about (a) making moves on a married woman, (b) his brazen moves “just kiss them”, and (c) “[grabbing women] by the p***y.”

The defense from the Trump camp, and Trump himself: this was “locker-room talk”. And while this almost certainly was “locker room” in the sense that it was likely pure BS–as many high schoolers brag about conquests in locker rooms, and those stories are 99% BS–it still reflected his own personal depravity. Jesus said it Himself: it’s what comes out of your mouth that defiles you, as it reflects a myriad of corruption.

This, of course, has ignited a firestorm among voters of all sides: Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, and everything in between. What I find interesting is the way that the left and right have switched sides over the years.

(1) When JFK deflowered Mimi Alford–an 18-year-old virgin before she began working in the White House–and then passed her off to “take care of” (perform oral sex on) his associates, character didn’t matter.

(2) When Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) killed one of his staffers, character didn’t matter: Massachusetts voters kept electing him until his death, and Senate leaders made no effort to remove him from the Senate.

(3) When then-Governor Bill Clinton (D-AR) whipped out his tallywhacker in front of Paula Jones, a state employee at the time, and told her to “come kiss it”, character didn’t matter.

(4) When then-President Bill Clinton was ejaculating all over Monica Lewinsky, character didn’t matter.

(5) When then-President Bill Clinton lied to the Grand Jury to deny Paula Jones her day in court, character didn’t matter.

(6) When Hillary Clinton commandeered the character assassinations of every woman, including Paula Jones, who came forward to accuse Bill of wrongdoing, character didn’t matter.

They lectured us then:

“It’s only sex!”

“It wasn’t even sex. It was a b***job!”

“This doesn’t rise to the level of impeachment.”

“It was only in a civil suit.”

Reporter Nina Burleigh summed up the left in one sentence: “I’d give Clinton a b***job just for keeping abortion legal.”

The worst fallout from Clinton’s scandal: younger folks were paying attention to Clinton’s argument that “oral sex isn’t really sex”, as the percentage of teens engaging in that act soared like a rocket into orbit.

Now, given their outrage at Trump over p*ssygate, I’m finally glad to see that liberals have decided that character does indeed matter.

The right, however, is not without their duplicity in this.

Rep. Newt Gingrich (R-GA) was well-known for his sexual conquests. But that didn’t stop the House of Representatives from making him their Speaker.

And make no mistake: that choice of Gingrich for Speaker was indeed fateful, as he was impotent to call out the President during the Monica scandal, as his own baggage was similar to Clinton’s.

Character didn’t matter to them then, so they were in no position to demand that it matter when Clinton’s scandals blew up.

Other prominent Republicans had their affairs and/or perversions come to light: Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN), Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL), Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R-ID), Rep. Bob Livingston (R-LA), Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), Sen. John Ensign (R-NV), Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID), Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL). With few exceptions, Republican leadership failed to crack the whip and force resignations.

Character didn’t matter in their ranks, so they were impotent to demand that it matter for Clinton.

When Gingrich stepped down and Rep. Bob Livingston (R-LA) took over, we learned of his baggage. While he did the right thing and resigned, the larger issue is why he put himself in that position in the first place?

Even worse was Livingston’s successor: Rep. Dennis Hastert (R-IL). As Speaker, he fashioned himself as a dealmaker. But I was very suspicious of him for two reasons: (a) he did nothing to oppose the runaway spending during the Bush years, and (b) in 2006, as Speaker, he got CAUGHT attempting to cover up Foleygate. (The fallout from that is why the GOP lost the House in 2006.)

What we didn’t know at the time: Hastert, as Speaker, was two gunshots away from the Oval Office, ALL WHILE CONCEALING HIS PAST INDISCRETIONS AS A CHILD MOLESTER. He is now doing federal prison time for attempting to circumvent banking laws–that he helped write–in order to cover them up.

It is exactly this kind of duplicity among conservatives that has given birth to the alt-right. If they would compromise their marriages for some sex with scantily-clad staffers (or, worse, children), then there it is easy to see why they would compromise on other critical matters, like spending, immigration, abortion, and even anti-terror policies.

Against that backdrop, Trump–for all his baggage–is Mother Teresa.

The same left that covered for Bill Clinton, and even attacked women like Paula Jones–who, according to the record of events, was a victim of sexual harassment–in an attempt to deny them their day in court, has now decided that Trump’s braggadocio reflects character that renders him unfit for office.

The same right that correctly insisted that Clinton’s offenses rendered him unfit for office, are now insisting that Trump’s known baggage does not render him unfit for office.

My take: Trump is what the GOP deserves. He is where he is because Republican leaders–like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI)–have talked a great talk while handing Obama almost everything he has demanded, including ObamaCare funding. They have insisted on open borders and job-sucking trade deals that enrich everyone but Main Street. They have proclaimed their support of conservative moral values, but coddle adulterers and child molesters.

They have handed Trump the stick, and he is now beating them with it.

As for the left, I’m glad they have decided that character does indeed matter.

If both sides would apply that standard and dismiss their respective nominees, we might get a better outcome.

As for now, America gets what she deserves.