He Led Her Down The Path To…

Well, not really.

In all seriousness, the only innocent parties in this one are her daughter and their son, Miguel Barahona, who was murdered.

Personally, I think he was a victim of sorts at one time. I agree with the premise that she “groomed” him and aggressively initiated that relationship. She was a predator who preyed on his raging hormones.

But when he chose to flip the switch and commit murder–particularly his own son–he swept all of that off the table.

She was a sexual predator. He is now a murderer.

Unfortunately, her daughter and their son paid the price for the depravity of their parents.

Just a Postnatal Abortion

Nothing to see here. If Packer is indeed responsible for this atrocity, then all she has done is the same thing that abortionists in America–paid to kill children in utero–do more than 3,000 times every day.

Of course, I would submit that there are few things on earth more hideous and evil than parents who kill their own children. They are the vilest of the vile.

Russian Ambassador Shot Dead in Turkey

Andrei Karlov, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, never had a chance. His assassination was caught on video.

The assassin, a Turkish police officer, was supposed to be providing security.

Russians and Turks have historically been unfriendly; their differences are ethnic, cultural, and religious. The Turkish shootdown of a Russian aircraft had already stoked recent tensions; the Erdogan regime’s apparent coziness with Islamists has also been a source of friction with Russia, which has an Islamist problem in their southern region.

Complicating matters, Turkey is a member of NATO. If they go to war with Russia, the United States is on the hook to defend Turkey.

In other words, a Cold War era alliance may leave us on the hook to defend a state whose regime is amenable to Islamism.

When the Soviet Union imploded in 1991, Pat Buchanan called for the dissolution of NATO. The rationale: NATO was a Cold War-era alliance that was designed as a response to the threat of the Soviet-backed Warsaw Pact. With the Soviet Union collapsing–and the Iron Curtain falling–it would have made better sense to reach out to the Russians and welcome them back from the bitter nightmare that was Communism.

Instead, we proceeded to ADD nations to NATO, thus expanding our threat to Russia.

The assassination of Karlov, and the Islamist “refugee” attack in Berlin, will provide incoming President Donald Trump with his first serious foreign policy test.

We must remember that World War I, festered by nationalism and underlying ethnic friction, was triggered by an assassination. That led to what was then dubbed The Great War.

The assassination of Karlov could easily be a trigger for war if cool heads don’t prevail here. And don’t think for a second that this assassination could not have been the work of elements in the West who have a vested interest in war.

After all, it was all too convenient that Karlov, in spite of being in a country where there are significant Islamist elements, a government that is friendly to those elements, existing friction with his own country, would be without his personal security detail.

Of course the assassin was shot dead, as dead men tell no tales.

Russian “Hacking”, The Smokescreen for Hillary’s Defeat

Let’s get a few things straight:

(1) There is no evidence that one ballot box was hacked by Russians.

(2) Any “hacking” by the Russians involved e-mail servers and accounts of people connected to the DNC.

(3) The primary leaker of the damaging information, Julian Assange, insists that the Russians were not the source of his leaks.

(4) Our intelligence community has provided no hard evidence for their conclusion that the leaked information was the result of Russian hacking.

(5) Hillary’s defeat was due to one person: Hillary Clinton herself. She is woefully corrupt and uninspiring. As a Senator, she was a follower and not a leader. As a SecState, she was a disaster. Her legacy is Benghazi, ISIS, and the Muslim Brotherhood. She is a liar and a crook who should be in jail. But the feministas needed her to keep stacking the court system with abortophiles. And in utero infanticide is their sacrament.


As for the alleged hacking by the Russians, it’s a total smokescreen.

Let’s say I hack into your personal network and find videos, on your computer, showing you having sex with children. Let’s say that, upon discovering such a horrible thing, I stupidly decide not to kill you but rather to report your sorry [posterior] to the FBI and other relevant law enforcement agencies.

Does my hacking of your network take away from your underlying guilt? Not by a long shot.

I would be potentially on the hook for breaking a number of laws by hacking into you network, but you’re still a child rapist and you will be going to jail without passing GO or collecting $200.

If the allegations are correct, then that, in a nutshell, is the relationship between Hillary Clinton and the DNC, and the Russians.

The issue isn’t what the Russians did or didn’t do; the reality is that Hillary and the DNC were caught lying and cheating and seeking to tamper with the election.

Hillary and the DNC were caught stealing the primary election from Bernie Sanders.

Hillary and the DNC were caught speaking their true feelings about Hispanic voters (they called Hispanic voters “taco bowls”).

Donna Brazile was caught feeding the debate questions to Hillary’s camp.

Hillary was caught telling Goldman Sachs executives her strategy of saying one thing in private while lobbying another way in public.

The Russians are certainly a nefarious lot, although their offenses–if allegations are true–are no different from those of our own CIA.

After all, it’s not like we have never run disinformation campaigns designed to influence elections in other countries. (Ukraine? Israel? Nicaragua?) It’s not like we’ve never lobbied other countries regarding issues the outcomes in which we have a vested interest. (Brexit anyone?)

And, ahem…it’s not like Hillary herself didn’t allow the flow of foreign wealth to influence her policies…