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January, 2017

Gospel for Asia in Hot Water: Suit Not Dismissed

And to that, I say good. If Gospel for Asia (GFA) committed fraud–an allegation that has yet to be established in court but seems to have veracity–then they should pay big-time. While I’m not a big fan of Warren Throckmorton–he has his own left-leaning agenda–he is, to his credit, providing some good reporting that merits […]

Reynolds Nails It

I’ve long had a theory about Donald Trump and his use of Twitter: he uses it as a smokescreen. The left, particularly MSM, complains of his reactions to issues via Twitter, and Hillary Clinton, in her campaign, suggested that his temperament is not up to the office, given that he “can be baited by a […]

Teacher Unions Can Go To Hell

Betsy DeVos must be an excellent pick for Education Secretary if the NEA opposes her.

A Real Presidential Farewell Address

From The Gipper, HT to Men Of The West.

Feminism is a Mental Illness

In case you needed more proof.

Baptist Congregation in DC Calls Lesbian Couple as “Co-Pastors”

I cannot say that I am surprised at this. It is what you ultimately get when you disavow the truth. Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, DC parted ways with the Southern Baptist Convention a few years ago. While I can think of plenty of good reasons why a church might to that, theirs were not […]

May They Rot in Hell

Religious leaders “blessing” the opening of a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Every Christian Needs To Read This

Rosaria Butterfield, a former professor at Syracuse University–and who departed the LGBT community when she received Jesus Christ–weighed in on Jen Hatmaker’s endorsement of gay “marriage”. Priceless! Hatmaker is a false teacher. I don’t throw that term–false teacher–around lightly, as I generally have a big tent when it comes to Christian preachers and teachers. Good […]

Making Science Great Again

I’ll opine more later on this. Having said that, I agree with most of what she says.

Real Housewives of ISIS

This is hilarious.

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