Another bad cop

Many of our police are upstanding men and women who are a service to society.

Then there’s this man out of Georgia.

He was arrested at his police department after state authorities got tips that he was selling pot while on duty and in uniform. And after investigators bought pot from him in two different counties. When he was arrested, his car was searched, revealing more pot, drug scales, and plastic bags.

I’m sure every honest police officer out there is just as outraged about this as I am.

2 thoughts on “Another bad cop

    • Yep. I left my old job back in September, took a software engineering position in the private sector on a 6-month contract-to-hire basis.

      They hired me at the 6-month mark. It was a big move: the work is an order of magnitude harder than anything I’ve done before. Fun as all get-out, and the pay is a LOT better. But the hours are long. Not much time for blogging.

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