SingleMind.Net Welcomes Two New Columnists

01/14/2007: Beginning this week, is adding two columnists to the lineup:

Rev. Russ Westbrook. Russ is the pastor at Riverside Presbyterian Church in Linn Grove, Iowa. Russ and I go back more than a decade: we attended Southern Baptist Theological Cemetary Seminary together. We witnessed–firsthand–the onslaught of liberalism that current President Albert Mohler inherited. As you read his columns, you will get a deeper look into what that entailed, and what Christians can do and have done in the face of it.

A die-hard proponent of Reform Theology, he spent many years as a minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA) before helping his church escape the PCUSA and join with the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA). I chronicled some of the dynamics of that on this blog.

Rev. Randall Vaught. Randy is the pastor at Capital Baptist Church in Frankfort, Kentucky. Like Russ, Randy is a hardcore proponent of Reform Theology. Unlike many Baptists, Randy has provided a significant emphasis on spiritual warfare, demonstrating that one may be Reform and preach significantly regarding the Holy Spirit without embracing the bizarre teachings of many in the charismatic/Pentecostal circles.

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