My New 1,000 Yard Rifle

01/14/2007: Last year, I was not able to shoot any 1,000 yard matches due to my back problems. 2005 had been a good year; I shot two matches with a Savage Model 116 (caliber .300 Win Mag), including a personal best at the Kentucky State Long Distance Championships (in spite of a broken scope).

Unfortunately, I made a serious mistake: I traded the Savage for a Winchester Model 70 Laredo (.300 Win Mag). I thought I was getting a better rifle; it was the mother of all mistakes on my part. Where my Savage was shooting dime-sized groups at 100 yards, the Winchester was well outside 1 minute of angle (MOA).

I ditched that like a pilot in a doomed airplane.

This past December, I got a nice deal: a Savage Model 10FP, complete with a Choate stock, a bipod, and a long-range base.

The only thing I didn’t like: it was a .308 instead of a .300 Win Mag. No biggie, though. (In fact, the .308 will probably provide better accuracy in match conditions than the Win Mag, but–like a glutton for punishment–I enjoyed the stress-relieving recoil of the Win mag! 😉

Initially, my test groups were way off (3 inches), but I determined that the anomaly had less to do with the rifle and more to do with the fact that I was using POS (piece of crap) ammo.

When I used Black Hills match ammo, I nailed a dime-sized group at 100 yards.

Now THAT’s more like it. 😉

Here is a pic of the rifle:

Here is a look downrange. Had to struggle to get the camera in position:

2 thoughts on “My New 1,000 Yard Rifle

  1. Sharp looking rifle. What are your specs on the rifle and the bullet you use? I have a model 116 savage 300 win mag, senthetic stock,….bone stock. I only use it to hunt and would like to make inprovements. What I’d like to have most right now is a muzzle break. Do have an suggesions for who to do the work and type of muzzlebreak and then other items for improvements?

  2. Keep that Savage 116 Win Mag: I used that in my two 1,000 yard matches in 2005. It was one of the best rifles I ever had. Win Mags are cool, but it took me a couple weeks of intensive shooting before I became acclimated to the recoil. After that, I grew to love the Win Mag caliber!

    The Savage in the pic is a Model 10FP. The caliber is .308. It has a 26-inch barrel and a Choate stock. (I’m disappointed that it is not a Win Mag, but .308 is probably a better match caliber.)

    As for muzzle breaks, I’m not sure. You might check with your local gun store. You could do a number of things: you could have a riflesmith thread your barrel for a muzzle break, or you can get a new barrel that has one. What you do depends on the riflesmith you have and how much barrel life you have with your current rifle.

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