Presbyterrorist Church USA Continues to Wage name of Mother, Child, and Womb!

02/21/2007: Last year, I provided significant coverage of the decision of Riverside Presbyterian Church of Linn Grove, Iowa, to secede from the Presbyterrorist Church USA.

The pastor–Russ Westbrook–is a friend of mine from my seminary days. Back then, the liberals were making their last stand, and Russ and I enjoyed debunking their nutball ideas.

Well, The Presbyterrorists have not given up their war against Westbrook and the faithful at Riverside. They continue to wage war against Riverside over a building that is worth $80,000, a parsonage that dates back to the 19th century, and membership records that will be as useful to the PCUSA as hemmorhoids.

This, of course, shows that the PCUSA is a bunch of petty secularists operating under a Gnostic veneer cross-dressed as Christianity.

As Westbrook points out, the PCUSA long-ago abandoned Biblical Christianity, embracing a secularized, quasi-spiritualist set of dogmatics that endorses funding Hezbollah, ordination of homosexuals–Ted Haggard…you’re in the wrong denomination!–and a complete disavowment of Biblical Trinarianism–Father, Son, Holy Spirit–in favor of :::and i’m not making this up::: Mother Child, and Womb.

This is what happens when Biblical liberalism prevails.

Meanwhile, Westbrook and the faithful of Riverside–no matter what the outcome in court–can look forward to real Christian fellowship.

CORRECTION: According to Westbrook, the chapel and grounds are probably worth $20,000.

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