The Last I’ll Say about Anna Nicole Smith Case

02/22/2007: I have nothing to say regarding Anna Nicole Smith. She is dead, and I prefer to afford her the basic human dignities that I would want for myself had our roles been reversed. She made some very bad decisions, and now has no opportunity to make amends or receive atonement. For that, she gets my sympathy, as the circus act around her body does even more disservice to her.

That said, her former “boyfriend” (Larry Birkhead–who looks like Kato Kaelin, only Kato is a better actor) and “lawyer” (Howard K. Stern, who is a step down from the real Howard Stern) and “mother” (Virgie Arthur) are pure white trash.

Birkhead and Stern are not men; they are dogs in men’s bodies.

If Virgie Arthur had been a real mom, Anna Nicole would probably be alive today.

If I treated my cat the way they are treating Anna–and the surviving child Dannielynn–I’d be prosecuted for cruelty to animals.Which leads me to an important question: where the [expletive] is Child Protective Services?

The judge in the case–Larry Seidlin–is as useful as breasts on a boar hog: the hearings are supposed to pertain to the final disposition of Anna Nicole’s body, not the parentage of the child. He has already said that he will not order DNA tests; so any discussion of parentage in this case is moot. Yet, that is what the case has devolved into.Given that Anna Nicole was not married to either Stern or Blockhead, and it is likely that there was no common-law marriage involved, wouldn’t the “mother” get the body? (Can someone please explain the law on this matter?)

As for the child, any judge hearing the custody case needs to do the wise thing: remove custody from both Stern and Blockhead, and allow a real family to adopt Dannielynn.

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