Live Free or Die Hard: Great Movie

07/03/2007: I’m sick and tired of all the sex and violence in today’s movies. I just want to see the violence!

After all, nothing ruins a perfectly good, bloody, gory kill flick like a steamy sex scene. And people who mix sex with violence are perverts.

And for those who enjoy non-stop violence, the Die Hard movies are perfect. From the first scene to the last yippie kiyay, Bruce Willis never disappoints.

His latest installment–Live Free or Die Hard–is no exception.

This one has a cyber-terror theme, and it is the kind that will leave you scratching your head. Sure, the scenarios are overinflated, as the premise of one person having sufficient knowledge and access and wherewithal to attack that many portions of our national infrastructure is unrealistic–and Willis incorporates more cartoon physics than the previous Die Hard movies–but Live Free or Die Hard will leave you wondering about some very important issues:

  • The futility of your government. As America was slammed with a cyberterror attack, the federal response was realistically woeful. Just like 9/11. Just like Katrina. Fact is, government is good at playing mopup, but don’t expect rapid solutions to profound problems.
  • The reality of evil among our citizenry. None of the attackers were Islammunists. They were not Chinese. They were not Russian. They were not idealogues. The ringleader was a jilted former programmer for the DoD. While the Die Hard scenario is not completely realistic, the evil that would motivate such a one to embark on that course is very real. History bears this out, giving us a litany of despots, kings, caesars, and various assortments of brutal autocrats who slaughtered millions of their own without compunction or regard for human dignity. Anyone who thinks they don’t exist in our government–and even our private sector–is smoking something I want legalized.
  • If one watches this movie closely enough, one gets the impression that women aren’t taken to men who lack testicular fortitude. That dynamic between McClain and his daughter is very realistic, even if the scenario behind it is not.

All said, Live Free or Die Hard is the perfect stress-reliever to watch as you celebrate your Independence Day.

2 thoughts on “Live Free or Die Hard: Great Movie

  1. I wasn’t so taken with the movie, myself. It was full of wham! blam! special effects (and I don’t recall much sex, other than some groping and fumbling in a car, if that counts). It had a rather inane plot, kind of like a Left Behind novel. Maybe if it was just a little more believable. I liked Surf’s Up more, actually.

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