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  1. ya know … you’d think that story would perk the ears of a few who need to hear it, but i doubt it.

    my oldest has an anaphalactic allergy to fire ants … actually almost died when she was in kinder and has an epipen with her all the time. i tell her all the time that if she drinks or uses drugs and gets an ant bite, she’s dead … b/c she won’t know it’s there … and her friends will be drunk/high, too, and won’t know it’s there … and then it will be too late.

    and my youngest takes meds … so i tell her the same thing … no drinking or drugs b/c both mess with your brain and when mixed w/ her meds will cause serious damage.

    i hope my drilling this into them over and over and over will set off many triggers when in those tender years.

  2. Christina: I agree. When I was in college, we had an aerospace engineering student, phonetic name was Tango Delta. He had a 3.8 GPA, and a co-op slot lined up with NASA.

    One night, he went out drinking with some friends. They were driving home. They took a curve too fast, and flipped the car. Everyone was wearing seatbelts.

    Trouble is, Tango Delta was partially ejected, and the car landed on top of his head, killing him instantly.

    That funeral sucked.

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