Wacky News Stories

(1) I learned that WTF also stands for the World Taeqwando Federation.

(2) A Texas cop–facing suspension for having sex with prostitutes while on duty–is claiming it was a necessary part of his job. (Pilgrim can attest to this inside joke: the cop was “taking one for the team”.)

(3) A former U.S. diplomat, with a law degree from University of Pennsylvania, videotaped his sexual activities with two girls–one 16 and one 17–while on duty at the U.S. Consular offices in Brazil and the Congo.

(I mention the law degree because (a) the Ivy League law grad failed to realize that–given that the girls were under 18–any sexual media with them in it is legally classified as child ponography and (b) the Ivy League law grad ought to understand the history of Western abuses in the Congo to realize that we might take diplomatic offenses very seriously.)

He also attempted the “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” defense.

He was sentenced to the maximum 20 years in prison–two consecutive ten year terms.

Author: Amir on August 23, 2008
Category: News/Opinion, Sex Offenders, WTH
3 responses to “Wacky News Stories”
  1. David says:

    Here’s another odd story in the news recently, regarding the tack that a prosecutor took when they had little in the way of actual evidence.

    At one point, Assistant Prosecutor Andrea Dean tried to argue that movies found in Perry’s home, like “Star Wars,” the “Harry Potter” films and “Little House on the Prairie,” constituted “non-erotic pornography.” (In the Detroit Free Press)

  2. Amir says:

    David: that prosecutor should be arrested for malfeasance with tax dollars. LOL

  3. ame says:

    woo hoo! wtf, then, will NEVER hit your cuss-o-meter!!! hehehehehe


    ya know, apparently those guys skipped out the day they were taught they were citizens of the usa, too – oh, wait! that was on their applications!!!!!!! dad gum! they didn’t have a class on that after all! wonder if they tried to use that in their defense, too ;)

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