One More Reason NOT to Live in New York

Besides the fact that their gun laws are among the worst infringements on our Constitutional rights in America, the area is an earthquake disaster waiting to happen.

Author: Amir on August 23, 2008
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  1. SteveinTX says:

    I’m thinking that there might be a single point on/in the earth that with the right touch maybe an ELF pulse) could take out both NY and the far-left coast all at once.

    It seems to be crying out for an engineered solution !


  2. SavvyD says:

    I was aware of this because I lived in upper manhattan where there was historic earthquake damage–a crack in my apartment building. People who live there talk, but now the scientific study lends the rumors legitimacy. As a rule, see hills? Cliffs? Mountains? These are earthquake indicators. Upper Manhattan is very hilly–the Bronx too.

  3. ame says:

    “They say a quake of magnitude 7 probably comes about every 3,400 years. But they note that no one knows when the last one hit,”

    i think this is funny …

  4. Christina says:

    Ame…I wrote a comment concerning that quote and it never made it through…

    I asked if God had come down from heaven to sit in a board meeting of a bunch of scientists to discuss this…

  5. Amir says:

    Christina: Not sure why the comment didn’t make it. There could have been a server problem. My hosting service was having some issues the last couple days.

  6. SavvyD says:

    AME–because some aspects of science involve guestimation, so it may be off by a couple of years, give or take, especially since it is before recorded history. This is where science is not an exact science. ;)

  7. ame says:

    Christina – lol! the way people talk about things, this, and other stuff, i just want to introduce myself to the ‘person’ of god … hehehehehe.

    SavvyD – yeah, science is not exact, which is why it is funny when people make guestimations like this … or at least it’s funny to me.

    i was induced when my second daughter was born b/c my first labor and delivery were so fast, and i needed time to arrange for care for my 2 year old (taking a 2 yr old to labor and delivery w/me was not very appealing to my contemporary way of approaching childbirth ;). when my doctor was sitting with me after putting the gel on my cervix, he told us of when physicians first began using this method of induction … he said he knew a physician who applied the gel to a woman in his office, and the amount was so strong that she delivered in the parking lot! my doctor thought that was funny. i just knew that he wasn’t leaving the hospital anytime soon ;). since then, they’ve adjusted the dose required waaaay down. not an exact science!

  8. singleman says:

    This news does not surprise me. The Boston area, the Charleston, SC area, and southwestern Virginia have all been hit by major earthquakes within the last 300 years. In addition, much of the eastern U.S. was shaken by the New Madrid earthquakes in 1811-12.

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