13 thoughts on “Disaster on First Date

  1. Thanks all. Now Amir, listen to this: my fiancee’s best friend is posted to the base in Colorado Springs – and probably can’t come to the wedding. So, we are thinking of going there for part of our honeymoon. C. Springs also happens to be where FOTF and therefore Boundless are based. If we end up going there, want me to go and give Boundless a message from you? 🙂

  2. Adam T: Actually, they are not far from where my dad lives (Littleton). Next time I’m out there, I might see if I can stop by and pop them a visit.

  3. I have never had a date that hot! Not sure I would go out with him again. He almost won a Darwin award.

    gee, I hope I’m next, but……you have to have a boyfriend first and I have told you all about my unsuccessful attempts at that–whatever cristicisms you may have about my efforts, you have to read the whole mess to be hyper critical.

    in any case, congrats to all.

  4. (1) I think this fellow in Sweden will get a Darwin Honorable Mention, since he managed to remain in the gene pool.

    (2) Adam: WOO HOO!!

    (3) Who’s next, you ask… well, I’m pretty sure it won’t be me, even though I’ve been wanting to be married for basically all my adult life.

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