Remembering . . .

I was loading songs onto my daughter’s new iPod from her grandmother when I came across this song their dad loaded on their MP3’s last year.

Ya know … some people have all the nerve (insert Amir explicative here).


3 thoughts on “Remembering . . .

  1. I was looking at the lyrics. Reminds me of what happened with golf great Nick Faldo in 1998. After he ended a three-year affair with a considerably younger golf pupil, leaving her for another woman, the spurned gal took Faldo’s golf clubs and trashed his Porsche 959, causing £10K in damage.

  2. When Hillary Clinton was looking for a theme song for her unsuccessful presidential campaign, the morning hosts at a local talk station asked their listeners for some suggestions. This tune turned out to be one of the top contenders, along with a certain song by Elton John. (You can probably guess which one.)

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