Kick ‘Em When They’re Down

Yep … that’s The American Way! Whatever happened to being straight-up?

My ex used to work for a firm that spent it’s time figuring out ways banks could save make money. Did you know that banks spent money to hire people to help them discover more ways to bleed the dollar? Okay, that’s an extremely over-simplistic, non-financial-minded, point-of-view … but I just wonder … what kinda bonus did the person get who thought up this stupid scheme scam?

2 thoughts on “Kick ‘Em When They’re Down

  1. Never–EVER!–trust those bank loan officers. They will talk a nice talk, act like good-old-boys, tell you how much “you can benefit” from their products.

    As you sign the dotted line, the fine print says they will [bleep] you without offering so much as a courtesy of saying “Thank you!”

    Piss on the whole lot of the bastards.

  2. *stiffling laughter*
    Gee, Amir, tell us how you really feel. Please, don’t hold anything back. I can’t quite grasp your true feelings.

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