Daly Quits

11/23/2005: Adjunct professor John Daly of Warren County Community College (WCCC)–who ripped a war supporter and encouraged the killing of officers by troops–resigned before the board of trustees could meet to decide what to do with him.

I wish he had stayed, and I wish the board would have kept him on board. The dirty little secret is that Daly is hardly a lone voice in academia. His e-mail–which contained a plethora of venom against capitalism and western civilization–shows you that hatred for all things American extends to fourth-rate professors at third-rate institutions.

Western civilization in general–and the United States in particular–are anything but pristine white historically. However, as the great scholar Thomas Sowell points out, compared to other cultures and civilizations, Western culture is superior to others in several respects:

(1) The whole notion of the equality of all people is Western.
(2) The concepts of freedom and liberty are Western.
(3) The whole concept of compassion for people in other nations is Western.
(4) The abolition of slavery was exclusively a Western movement.

As for capitalism, it certainly has many shortcomings; that is undeniable. But compared to what? Hitler? Mussolini? Stalin? Mao Tse Tung? Pol Pot? Castro? Khomeini? Assad? Kim Jong Il? As bad a slavery was in America–and it was pure evil–it pales in comparison with the treatment of African slaves in the Middle East or even Africa. Remember point 4: abolition of slavery was a Western phenomenon.

Even the “kinder, gentler” socialist countries–England, Germany, France, Sweden–are in deep hock: they are out of money. Sweden and England have pursued partial privatization of their social security systems. Sweden has deficits that make Bush look frugal. England is rationing health care and even prescription drugs–including Alzheimers’ medications (Wall Street Journal, 11/22/2005). In Canada, you’ll wait months for your MRI.

Instead, many history courses will focus on the evils of Western cultures, while ignoring the even greater evils of other civilizations.

Of course, these are the same winners who are trying to convince you that Islam is a religion of peace.

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