So Glad Pitino is Gone from UK

The prick had an affair, got the gal pregnant, and paid for the abortion.

UPDATE: Pitino’s contract at University of Louisville does have a morality clause.

Aside from the fact that he paid for his lover to hire a hit man to kill their baby, that “lover” was the wife of his equipment manager. Definitely a case of fraternization.

We will see if the Athletic Director has any stones, or is merely an athletic supporter…

Author: Amir on August 12, 2009
Category: Pro-Life, Sports
2 responses to “So Glad Pitino is Gone from UK”
  1. Savvy says:

    Class acts both of them.

  2. [...] I’ll have more to say on the firing of Bobby Petrino, but I’ll start by saying that I’m pleasantly surprised that Jeff Long showed that he was an athletic director, not just an athletic supporter (to shamelessly steal a past line of Amir’s). [...]

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