Just Imagine…

Your 5-year-old son begins kindergarten, where his trek of indoctrinationlearning begins. You’re expecting him to learn many new things about math, reading, social skills, following directions, interacting with the teacher…

Unfortunately, the United Nations is giving a close-up view of their idea of kindergarten interaction.

Of course, given the U.N.’s track record, that is not surprising.

6 thoughts on “Just Imagine…

  1. “Despite those challenges, the U.N. insists that “in a world affected by HIV and AIDS … there is an imperative to give children and young people the knowledge, skills and values to understand and make informed decisions.”

    VALUES????!!!!! WTF!!!

  2. this incenses me and boils within me.

    i had thought about and prayed about sharing such things with my girls and when and how, etc. one day when my Oldest was eight, the exact right time was presented, and i began teaching her about sex.

    the most beautiful part of that? i asked her, “Have you ever heard of ‘sex’ before?” and she answered, “No.” i was the first person to implant the knowledge and sacredness of sex into her heart and soul and mind. i followed with her sister when she was about the same age. that ‘teaching and training’ is an ongoing thing as they grow and develop and are exposed to new and different things in life … AND it is adapted to each of their personalities and what they can handle knowing at that particular time.

    unfortunately, this is a huge issue among parents. all the parents i’ve known well since my girls were born are Christians. but few believe they should be the first ones to introduce their child(ren) to sex. they say they want to wait till their child asks them. by the time your child asks you about sex, they have already been indocrinated on some level by someone else, probably another kid, and 99.999 times out of 100 it will not be healthy.

  3. . . . I “learned” about such things from Saturday Night Live at the ripe age of 10 . . .

    Long before most of my peers, I’m sure.

    And yet, I am sure most of them have done things that surpass my own depraved imagination.

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