6 thoughts on “Another Job for Team Larijani

  1. @Ame and @Savvy :

    No shit. This has me seeing red. That poor gal–and the 2 kids–have a very long road ahead.

    The Garridos are going to find out–firsthand–that their fellow prisoners will have their number. I see a Tom Clancy moment–from Clear and Present Danger–materializing.

  2. as much as they get what they deserve here on earth … there are somethings for which only God can administer the proper justice. i think this is another one of those.

    i make my girls go everywhere with at least one other person. there are times i allow them a little more freedom on their own, but i’m always protecting them in some way. still, i know they are vulnerable … but i cannot live everyday in fear, either. i have to be smart and wise and trust God. i wish we could be joined at the hip all the time, but that is not wise either.

    oh, this really disturbs me.

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