Ultrarunners Found…1 in Serious Condition

This shows that even the most experienced runners–and Natera-Armenta is a VERY experienced ultrarunner, who has completed 100-mile races–can get lost in the mountains on an 8-10 hour run.

9 thoughts on “Ultrarunners Found…1 in Serious Condition

  1. that’s amazing that they’ve been found … but i’ve never heard of ultrarunners before … “an endurance sport in which it’s common to trek and run for many hours over rugged terrain”

    that is certainly not anything i would ever be interested in doing, ever.

  2. @Ame
    Ultrarunners tend to run ultramarathons, which are races that involve distances exceeding the 26.2 miles that characterizes the marathon distance.

    Ultramarathons come in many sizes, shapes, and proverbial colors. There are 50K races (31 miles), 50-milers, 100K (62-milers), 100-milers, and even longer distances. The mother of all ultra-distances is the Sri Chinmoy run, which involves 3,100 miles and during which the runners average over 60 miles per day.

    They can be on trails–most are–but some are road events. Some are in desert terrain. Some are in heavy wilderness.

    I’ve done one ultramarathon: a 50K back in 2000.

  3. “I’ve done one ultramarathon: a 50K back in 2000.”

    LOL! why am i not surprised!!! (not that i cannot relate this to myself in different areas other than ultrarunning … but it seems a little competitive ocd might show up here 😉 hehehehehe

  4. @Ame
    Actually, it’s because I’m too slow to run any of those shorter distances. I figure endurance is more my style.

    Besides, we Reform types tend to place a higher premium on perseverance of the saints. Endurance athletics tends to emphasize that concept.

    Right now, I’m mulling whether to attempt an Ironman Triathlon.

    Swimming doesn’t hurt my back, and I have figured out a motion that allows me to traverse long distances without hurting my back–it’s more of a racewalking motion–so the issue is whether I wish to see if my butt can handle several hours on a bicycle seat.

  5. and i will not share that comment with my family. just this week my 9 year old had to come up with a sentence to go with her vocab word, ‘scoured’ … and you know what that sweet little thing came up with? “My Mom scoured the kitchen when she touched raw meat.”

    okay … so i have a spray bottle of bleach cleaner under my kitchen sink … and one never knows when the kitchen will smell like bleach … and i think it’s a GREAT accomplishment for me to actually touch raw meat without gloves.

    nope … my family would come up with a whole laundry list of stuff on me!!!

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