8 thoughts on “Now THIS is a Flight

  1. @Ame
    Yep…he managed to land it. His aviation career is probably over, however. If the civilian was not authorized to be in that plane, the pilot will be in some very hot water. Very bad juju on the part of the pilot.

  2. i was wondering about whether or not the pilot would have authorization to carry a civilian in his aircraft – is that common? cause i would think that is a big no-no.

    and, as we WELL know … some no-no’s we do in life will never be seen by others … and some, well, will be as visible as fireworks on a very dark night

  3. also, just curious … how difficult would it be to land a plane where the passenger has ejected? wouldn’t that leave the hood open, or something like that? air pressure issues?

  4. @Ame
    It’s not uncommon for the military to allow civilians rides in fighter jets and bombers. (For example, when the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds come into town, they often get a local reporter to fly backseat.)

    However, those require approval and they typically require a civilian to get a physical exam, and get provided an orientation regarding certain procedures.

  5. @Ame
    It depends on the airplane. In this case, landing a turboprop–after the ejection–may very well have been difficult.

    With most fighter jets, when there is an ejection, both of the crew will have ejected.

  6. There is a jet ride down in the florida keys — it is insanely expensive, something like 5,000 bucks for 20 minutes — where they take you up in a MiG. Not that I would eject, or anything.

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