The fruits of occultism

The people who did this don’t even deserve to drink of Recon’s excreta. I can’t even find words to describe how despicable this is… except to say that it’s one more example of how depraved people can become when they embrace the occult.

10 thoughts on “The fruits of occultism

  1. I wouldn’t even call it occultism. Just plain old everyday stupid man doing what his bat-shit crazy girlfriend tells him so he doesn’t get cut off from sex. The difference is that most men draw the line before they get to harming a child. But the violent jealousy of new girl against children of old girl is a notorious and common behavior model.

  2. I am no sociologist or religious historian, but this may be something more like “folk religion gone wild” rather than “occultism” per se. I.e. they go the idea for the existence of “demons” from somewhere; probably the Church (though other religions e.g. Islam posit the existence of demons). Mix that in with a local pagan tradition, and voila – toxic thinking. Agreed on the heiniousness of it, course. I cannot even construct an argument for their trying to do good in ignorance, since res ipsa loquator every bit of it is about causing pain to someone. Prof Hale’s comment is a valid template as well. The “evil stepmother” meme in folk tales come from observations of the human beast.

    This is neither here nor there, but there is **a lot** of snow outside the window to my right this morning.

  3. Hi there… longtime lurker here. Amir and Mrs. L, congrats on the wedding. I’ve enjoyed your comments on Boundless over the years.

    I also have about 18″ here in Northern Virginia. I couldn’t resist putting my cat in the snow to get some pictures a few minutes ago. He was not pleased. I know, terrible. He’s already forgiven me, luckily.

    I’m just hoping I can get to church in a few hours (we have one service on Sunday nights) and we seem to be the one church in the DC area that hasn’t canceled services.

  4. We got two feet of snow where I live. The federal government is closed today, which is probably not a bad thing. Too bad the snow didn’t shut down th Senate.

    Regarding the story, what was done to that child is truly despicable.

  5. I hate to be a harping old woman, (I probably shouldn’t have used that phrase), but I’m still waiting for some photographic evidence? What’s the holdup?? Spending so much time in each others arms, you don’t have time to post pictures?

    Have I ever told you my favorite Bible verse?

    First half of Hebrews 13:4 in the KJV! HA!

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