Global warming, my freezing butt!

Iowa 30 degrees below normal, and other parts of the Midwest seeing similar cold and heavy snow… Burlington, Vermont getting its biggest snowstorm ever… ice buildup causing partial shutdown of a nuclear power plant in New Jersey… the UK running dangerously low on natural gas, with retirees burning used books for fuel… Seoul seeing its biggest snowfall in 70 years

…and they say global warming is going on?

More proof that AGW is a pure crock, I say.

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18 thoughts on “Global warming, my freezing butt!

  1. i should take a pic of my girls whenever someone tries to brainwash them into believing in global warming – VERY cute. actually, i should audibly record them! that’s even better! go me! i’m training these kids well!!! πŸ™‚

  2. I typically use a “cord” of firewood to supplement my heat pump for one winter; I’ve used half a cord already and am seriously looking at a coal/firewood stove insert to my fireplace to prep for more winters like this. Plus I have a butane gas stove – good for a single room – helping out. Brrr. And I was in the far arctic in the military (I have an arctic service ribbon) and grew up in Michigan.

  3. Apparently, if its cold, it is evidence that supports global warming, and if it is warm, it is evidence that supports global warming. Sounds like a theory that is immune to refutation.

    God Bless,

  4. @Adam
    What I’m hearing now is that what we are experiencing is the result of La Nina, and that global warming is still going on.

    What these anointed folks aren’t explaining is:

    (1) If this is true, then why did we get our hottest year on record–1998–over 11 years ago? We haven’t had La Ninas across the board for 11 years.

    (2) Even if La Nina is correct, then this still adversely impacts the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) argument. This is because–if the La Nina argument is correct, it shows that changes in the natural environment are overwhelming any anthropogenic component of global climate change.

    (3) Do the current assertions also account for fraudulence in the data itself? After all, thanks to the recent email scandal, it is now incumbent on the scientific community to demonstrate that their ruminations on this matter are to have credibility exceeding that of a Bill Clinton/Mark Sanford promotion of True Love Waits.

  5. @Adam
    another bullet I forgot was

    (4) why should the mathematical models–which we now know were constructed with cherry-picked data–which have failed to predict the cooliing we have experienced over the past 11 years (we know this is the case because the warmest year on record was 11 years ago) be accepted, when in fact they have not shown a reasonable degree of accuracy?

  6. Lisa Simpson (the smart one) explained this all last week. Global warming causes more extremes of both hot and cold. So anything you don’t like is because of global warming.

    Early springs too are global warming, as are longer growing seasons. Reduced and increased arctic ice pack are both signs of global warming and are both to be feared. There is evidently a “just right” size of ice packs, glaciers, and average global temperature. Anything else is man made and a harbinger of planet-killing disaster and we must (MUST) do something about it now, because is 6 months it will be irreversable.

    Forgive me for telling you what we all, unanimously except for oil company executives, already know as settled science and fact. I just get so passionate about saving the planet *snif*.

  7. PH – LOL!

    Amir – since Professor Hale is so *passionate* about saving the planet, i wonder if he has been introduced to “trees?” Amir, perhaps you should attach a link so we can find out if our new Resident Passionat Planet commenter had anything to do with the video πŸ˜‰ LOL

  8. Hmm…….. In NW Iowa between Spencer and Sheldon, it’s currently -33 degrees. That’s EXACTLY where I used to live, before my former church tossed me out on my ear for teaching the Bible conserving the prohibition against idol use by Christians (the chapel was covered in all those effeminate, long-haired, Anglo-Saxon mockeries of “Jesus” you often see decorating the walls of compromising churches). Now I have to suffer through winter in a place 50 degrees warmer; what a shame………… :>P

  9. lol! i think Amir has that link memorized πŸ™‚

    someone forgot to tell God the global climate is supposed to be warmer and warmer till we fry b/c it’s FREAKIN COLD here in north texas today, and i’m NOT used to this kind of COLD!!! ya’ll northeners can keep this chilling cold weather, thank you very much!

  10. If we’re really suffering from global warming, can someone please explain why some of the two feet of snow which fell the weekend before Christmas is still hanging around? Oh, and why we’re supposed to get another inch or two of snow tonight into tomorrow morning, followed by more frigid weather? And why it’s even freezing in Florida?

  11. on a tuesday night in the winter of 1977/78 it snowed in daytona beach florida. i know. i was there. i was in 7th grade at a youth group bible study, and it SNOWED! when you could go to the beach on christmas, you remember when it snows πŸ™‚

    OOPS! it’s freezing again in florida???!!! you mean … some thirty something years later and it’s freezing again in florida and not frying? someone please tell me this info is wrong – it’s shattering everything i believed in!


    Cubbie – LOL!

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