Unfortunately, Vox was Right About This

Vox Day had been musing about the inevitability of robosex.

Sadly, the call has come to fruition:

Robotics + artificial intelligence + the sex industry = disaster

Vox has suggested that this would be bad news for feminists. That effect might be overstated. I say this for three reasons: (1) Men are still going to want the real thing, (2) such robots would be prohibitively expensive for the foreseeable future, and (3) those with the money for these robots, will be able to get the real thing.

Still, it is a testament to the depravity of Man.

11 thoughts on “Unfortunately, Vox was Right About This

  1. It can have sex but can’t make you a sandwich? Seems like a serious design deficiency.

    The story also mentioned a “male model”. I suppose it has a special function to go out and get a job.

    I see these things as nothing more than a curiosity with no real impact on society. The good that comes from this is that is pushes what is possible in the robotics field. and we may someday get an attractive female-looking robat that can make me a sandwich, clean the kitchen and take care of other domestic functions. Sort of like a robotic executive assistant (secretary).

    The expense is not really an issue. Lots of men will pay under 10K for the pleasure of having the latest gadget, but not for an overhyped plow-up doll with a pull string to say stupid things like “I Like soccer”. The story is too short to really answer any good questions. I would like to see a full list of what this model can do besides insinuating that it can have sex. All that really is is a man having sex on it. Can it walk? Just how sophisticated is the AI?

  2. C.S. Lewis beat Vox to the punch by decades. In “That Hideous Strength” Ransom spesks of a depraved sociey existing on the dark side of the Moon, who’s sexual appitites had so pushed the envelope that only robotic partners could live up the twisted desires of both sexes.

  3. I think with Amir this is just an oddity; not something that would ever catch on. I had never really “got’ the bit in Hideous Strength until just now reading Rev. Russ’s comments on it.

  4. There are dolls which are quite realistic from what I have heard. Perhaps people should accept the fact that we have social problems because of changes in our society.

  5. As AI continually develops, there will be a movement against robotic sex slaves. They will decide they are worth more than just being a sex slave because the have brains.

  6. The household ‘robot” that I want isn’t actually a “robot” but rather a smart kitchen appliance. I envision something maybe the size of dishwasher that you can load up with bulk supplies of pasta, rice, lentils, etc. in different bins. It has a hook-up to a water source. There is a place where you can load in a can of something (vegetables, etc). It has a brain, and you can tell it (i.e. program it): ” At 5:00 pm I want you to make rice and lentils and open the can that I’ve inserted in the slot, and heat it up”. Or whatever. A very glorified coffee machine, basically.

  7. See, this idea could really take off. There might even be applications in disaster relief or military field kitchens. The trick would be to pre-process the food for this technology. It could and would be, essentially, a bulk RE-hydrator for dehydrated foods.

    Of course, you could simply take a big pot of water and put it on a camp stove and do the same thing.

  8. noseintheair – lol!

    so … the military gets ahold of this idea and they perfect it … perhaps go thru nasa … then idiots in govt get ahold of it and not only require us to eat this stuff but they ration it out … and we must buy it, whether we need or want to, or we’ll be fined πŸ™‚

    … just thinkin out loud here! hehehehehe

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