Those Hypersexed Pedophiles at the U.N. . .

Former Chief U.N. Weapon Inspector Scott Ritter, was busted in a sex sting.

It was not his first excursion in such matters, as he was nabbed twice in 2001–one case was dismissed, the other never resulted in charges.

The only group of people in Haiti, for whom I have NO sympathy whatsoever, is the U.N. community there. If they were the only casualties of the earthquake, I’d call for a celebration.

The U.N. is little more than an international mission that promotes anti-semitism, infanticide, genocide, and pedophilia. That we let them operate in this country, is a national disgrace.

10 thoughts on “Those Hypersexed Pedophiles at the U.N. . .

  1. I very largely agree with you; not to the nth degree.

    If I had the UN that I think we should have, we would first unilaterally disavow any treaty we have made with (rather than through) that body. The constitution says that treaties are law in this land, and somewhere along with line we said that the UN was a country for purposes of UN treaties.

    I would wish that the UN did things like limit itself to the job of protecting diplomats (not international civil servants), arrange for quite meetings, and secure communications betweeen nations, create fora for things like allocating spectrum or have meetings to overturn odious parts of the Law of the Sea convention. and then also they should be disarmed.

    UNICEF is a body that is tainted by association with the UN but does some good relief work and has had very little scandal — but it has some. It could be cleaned up and used as a platform for coordinating relief work.

  2. Nose,
    You are missing something. UN treaties are not treaties with the UN that the UN can enforce. They are treaties among the member nations. As such, they are identical in force and effect as normal bi-latteral treaties. Further, the 2/3rds ratification standard in the Senate is near to the same standard as required to ammend the constitution so it does reflect the legally enforceable will of the American people to enter into that agreement and not something forced on us by a foreign power.

    I also hate the US and would like to see them moved permenently to Haiti. The UN offices in NYC have been a permanent thorn in America’s side since it was established. It has been a staging ground for espianage, organized crime and a petty aristocracy that believes itself to be above the laws and had diplomatic immunity to back it up.

    If I were President, I would revoke the credentials and visas of all UN officials and send them back to where ever they came from. Then leave it up to the UN to figure out where they want to hold their next meeting.

    I would also escort then to the airport with their families and servants just to make sure they left and did not disappear into America.

    Then I would turn the building over to NYC as a settlement for unpaid parking tickets.

  3. @Professor Hale
    LOL! If I were President, I would immediately cut off all funding for the U.N., and would give everyone in that building 30 days to vacate the building. I would also recall all federal employees at the U.N., and retire them.

  4. 30 days is too long. You would never find them. You have to surprise them and escort them directly to the airport. Most of them really don’t want to go home and live in their own third world shitholes.

  5. MSF was established quickly because they were set up before the earthquake hit. They got “lucky”. It isn’t possible for other people to be that quick in the real world.

  6. The affidavit says that Ritter started the conversation with the girl and then for some reason showed his face on camera. The video apparently was not recorded and the officer had to recognize Ritter from the photos he saw later. It is also not clear why he gave his full name and location. Is it so that he would not be confused with other Scott or Bill Ritters? Scott Ritter seem to act very fullish for an intelligence agent, that had been previously caught in a very similar sting. Someone seems to have created a very easy case for the local police office that had only few such cases, one of which happens to be Scott Ritter. In conspirators’ defense, they did not try to totally destroy Ritter, even though they could. He may not get any time at all. Yet, his reputation is badly damaged already. The smear campaign could have failed, and then no one would have heard about it. But it has succeeded and it is all over the news.

    But why bother? The Iraq war is behind. This time it could be about Iran. Ritter is the only voice in the Western world arguing that Iran is not trying to acquire nuclear weapons. The talk from the previous smear campaign seems to have faded away as he did manage to get on to cable news couple times, but he was put down again. It does seem like a cycle and no one will listen to him again. The only thing missing is a war on Iran…

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