String them Up by the Toenails

They attempted to foist a fascist governmental system on the world, all under the pretense of saving the planet. They did it with fraudulent, cherry-picked data. They deliberately hid the truth from governments, as they sought hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money, which they used to promote a socialist agenda cross-dressed in scientific veneer.

The truth is out, now it’s long past freaking time to demand accountability.

4 thoughts on “String them Up by the Toenails

  1. And while you’re hoisting, remember that it is this EXACT same pack of Machivellean morons who push Darwinism too. Both are debasements of science designed to work social engineering; maybe with the fall of one, we’ll see the the other topple too! *Happy Dance*

  2. We really do need the death penalty for this. The creation of the fraud to sell the entire populations of the world’s most productive citezens into perpetual slavery is a crime against humanity that is unmatched in is scope and potential harm, even by global communism (100 million dead) or the environmental witchhunt against DDT (50 million dead so far –got a late start compared to communism).

    Every person who perpetuated this fraud, knowing it to be fraud, for their personal glory or profit, or for idiological reasons like “social justice”, should be killed and their bodies left on the frozen tundra to lure the polar bears away from the new oil wells.

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