3 thoughts on “More Proof That Public Schools Suck

  1. It is one of the great ironies of u\our time, that an institution that uses the force of law to compel attendance, also uses expulsion for punishment.

    I was talking with a woman in RL yesterday and she also made the comment that it was “unfair” of schools to close for snow, because then parents had to also take the day off to watch them. So unfair. R\Watching your own kids when you were counting on the government to steal money from your childless neighbors to do it.

  2. ROTFL! I can’t even begin to figure out a way to describe the lunacy of this situation. I guess this is sorta like a child getting in trouble for “possession of drugs,” simply because his mother had given him Tylenol to help with his headache before he went to school.

    The problem here is definitions. Unfortunately, as most secularists will do, the school has stretched the definition of “toy gun” in order to suit its own end. Secularists also stretch the definition of words like “discrimination,” or “persecution” to likewise fit their own ends.

    One only wonders the amount of language that will be able to be stretched like this if the health care proponents have their way.

    God Bless,

  3. PH – when i worked full time b4 kids, i remember watching women at work arguing w/ their husbands over who had to pick up their sick child from day care. grrrrrrrrr

    (i also stated i would work no ot when i took that particular job and made them keep to their word that i work NO overtime … even though i had no kids … that was interesting 😉

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