Air Traffic Control: So Easy a Child Can Do It

Well, not really. If this were Hollywood, it would be entertaining. Unfortunately, given that the incident may have emanated from a lax attitude toward professionalism, it is likely indicative of the need for fundamental change in the system.

One of the reasons I admire President Reagan was his willingness to fire the air traffic controllers, who went on strike even though they had agreed contractually not to do so.

This time, it is likely that some heads need to roll at the FAA.

2 thoughts on “Air Traffic Control: So Easy a Child Can Do It

  1. My father was an air traffic controller in the Navy and as I child he used to let me sit in the radar room while he worked. Once he even let me give a command to a fighter jet on a training maneuverer. Whoops, guess that was not a wise thing to do. But man it was fun for a ten year old boy.

  2. @RJB
    If I were the kid, I’d find it fun, too. The problem is the risk of distraction by having children in the control room.

    This was not merely a problem on the ATC; the supervisor on duty is going to be in some serious hot water.

    Honestly, I don’t see heads rolling, but these guys will get the crap scared out of them. As well they should.

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