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  1. One of the books I have read recently while pondering future career moves is this:


    About health care workers on both sides of the Balkan conflict in the 90s. The UN – while not accused of the pedophilia, etc. that has characterized its contribution to some other incidents, does not come off very well at all in this book. I am reminded of a Doonesbury cartoon in which a senator visiting a war zone under the aegis of U.S. forces comments on the UN peacekeepers as having “cute blue berets” – to which the soldier escorting her says: “Yes, Ma’am. That’s the problem.”

  2. So you’re a Guinness man too, eh? One of my parishioners here has gotten me drinking it; its the first beer I actually like. Up till now its been only wine or whiskey (gotta support the home team, afterall……….)

    *Pops a Guinness, drinks to the U.N’s demise*

  3. @Rev. Russ Westbrook
    Yep…Pilgrim got me hooked on it. I prefer Guinness and Sam Adams. Another one I like–when I’m in PA or TN–is Yuengling, Black and Tan.

    At the wedding reception, we had of Black and Tan available for those who wished to knock one back.

  4. Yuengling. …Eeech. I’m going to have to ask your cat to have a word with you.

    My weekly, or sometimes biweekly, steak and beer ritual — which stretches back into dim memory, involves a Killian’s. It was to my shock and horror that I discovered that Killian’s does not come from Ireland but, rather, Coors. Yet it is still the preferred beer for the Carnivore Ritual, which helps me think clearly about the state of the world if I practice it faithfully. My son, when he came of age, also developed a taste for Guinness (..kids these days!..)…but when he comes along for the ritual he gets a Killian’s. Like father, like son.

    On my next such I shall ponder the UN’s demise; but I don’t see that happening.

  5. @noseintheair
    Don’t say that too loud when you’re in PA. That would be sacrilege.

    And at MrsLarijani’s home church, the folks there generally swear by Guinness, Black and Tan, and Sam Adams. Any mention of “light beer” would probably be grounds for burning at the stake.

  6. Off topic, but I’m waiting to hear your take on the aircraft crash in Poland. Vox and the ilk are thinking suspiciously, others are reaching for their Polish jokes. I remain …. perplexed.

  7. @noseintheair
    I can see the conspiracy folks going apeshit. This is a classic case of “qui bono?”

    I can’t blame them for being suspicious. After all, such an event sparked the worst case of genocide in the last 20 years (Rwanda).

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