They Paid Money to Reach THIS Conclusion?

Anyone with at least a double-digit IQ knows that heavier women tend to be disadvantaged in the romance department. (This is not a putdown of anyone; just a statement of the obvious.)

I say that because it does not seem that we needed experts to tell us this much.

And yes, I know that they are saying that heavier men don’t have the same difficulties. This is not really news either. While women can be choosy when it comes to male obesity, the men tend to be more finicky in that department.

Like I said, I did not post this to start any fights, but rather to point out the lunacy of the research world, in terms of wasting assets to prove what anyone with half a brain already knows.

5 thoughts on “They Paid Money to Reach THIS Conclusion?

  1. I have also heard that alcohol and money help sociologists get laid. They discovered this when a bunch of sociologists used their grant money to buy beer and hookers and then wrote it up as “research”.

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