2 thoughts on “Open Letter to “Contemporary Christian Music”

  1. I’d have to say that the “Industry” has need of some reproof. When I was married I went to a Northern VA megachurch for a CCM concert. It so happens that this artist had quite a show – lights, fog, dancing girls. I had to turn my head (and I say this as someone who dances with women now, as a single man) at what I saw. And this was years ago.

    Years prior, I had been raised in a mixed Charismatic /Fundamentalist setting that frowned on CCM for stylistic reasons; this was also stupid (I’m talking about artists Like Evie and so forth being thought “bad”). In 1988 at the National Religious Broadcasters convention I actually witnessed a panel discussion where even the rightful place of CCM was being debated. DeGarmo and Key were on the panel, defending.

    Now, most of that mindset is gone in mainstream Evangelical protestantism..
    OTOH we have people like Chuck Colson who at times seems to want to throw the baby out with the bathwater when he talks about CCM.

    Conclusion to my ramblings: The industry has become an industry, some of the lyrical content is vapid, and some of it is straight-up-the-middle good music with good lyrical content. Some of that “industry” business could be dealt with by reasonably expecting new bands to release some of their material “open source” — free. Period. A needed balance, and a pointed reminder of why they are in the “business.”

  2. I used to listen to CCM quite a bit as a younger Christian, but I stopped following it some years ago. Quite frankly, I no longer cared for the stuff.

    There were a number of good artists back when I was a regular listener: the late Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, Phil Keaggy, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Steve Taylor, and a young Amy Grant. As the years went on, however, the quality of the music deteriorated and I finally stopped listening.

    The two CCM concerts I remember the best both featured Larry Norman, one in the late 1970’s and the second about ten years later. He laid it on the line for nonbelievers and believers alike.

    The last CCM concert I attended was sometime in the early 1990’s when I saw Matthew Ward and First Call at a church in Washington, DC. A member of First Call was caught up in an adultery scandal a year or two afterward, and I don’t recall hearing them on the radio again before I finally stopped listening to CCM.

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