Hero Dog Pays Ultimate Price

Manchas, a Chihuahua, took on two pit bulls and saved the life of a 4-year-old boy. Sadly, Manchas was killed by the pit bulls.

May that hero pooch enjoy an eternity of bacon treats, fire hydrants, and mailmen.

One thought on “Hero Dog Pays Ultimate Price

  1. The story does not read exactly heroic. More of a “wrong place at the wrong time” story. The little dog didn’t fight back or attack the bigger dogs. It was just in the way and got carried off. Since the 4yr old was not harmed, any speculation that it would have been is unsupported by the evidence.

    I am sure the Disney version will go like this:

    (Pit bull and german shepherd enter) [changed from two pit bulls to prevent racial stereotyping]

    German shepherd says to pitbull (with heavy german accent): Let’s kill that humanchild and drink it’s blood.
    Pitbull to Shepherd: While it would be wrong to harm that child, humanity does have a debt to pay for their destruction of the planet and encroachment of wildlife areas. Let’s do it.
    Chihuahua (with thick mexican acent): Not so fast, Amigoes. This child is the decendent of the native Americans who inhabited this land in harmony with nature.
    Pitbull: Well, that changes everything. I want no part of this.
    Shepherd: My European blood lust is unquenchable. I will kill the child myself.
    Chihuahua: As long as I live, I will defend the child of these noble people who took me in when I came to this country seeking a better life.
    Shepherd: Now you die.
    Chihuahua: Come and get me, Pendejo.
    Pitbull: I can’t watch, this is all so tragic and violent. (pitbull leaves)
    (chihuahua and shepard fight an evenly matched battle for 30 minutes. Insert lots of CGI and wires. But shepherd wins after throwing dirt into chihuahua’s eyes.)
    (chihuahua is laying on the floor wimpering)
    Chihuahua: You have beaten me this time, but if you harm this child, I will never stop looking for you. Some day I will have my revenge.
    (Chihuahua dies)
    Shepherd: Now for my snack. (Closes on human child, drool dripping from his fangs)
    Pitbull: I’m back to save the child. And because I am not a good fighter and have no reputation for viciousness, I brought with me my friends. (camera pans back to show motly collection of muts of all breeds).
    Shepherd: I am too afraid to fight a community that stands together against my agression. I must leave. (leaps from window to excape. lands in mud puddle and is humiliated. other dogs laugh at him).
    (Human woman comes back in, sees dead chihuahua, mournes him)
    Woman: He was such a good and loyal dog, even though he did not have a license to be in this country. (everyone cries)
    Chihuahua: Why is everyone crying?
    (everyone cheers)
    Chihuahua: I was only unconscious. I am fine now.

    The End.

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