Reason #15,918 Why the United Nations Sucks

While I laud Duch’s eventual embrace of Christianity, as well as his remorse expressed for his participation in one of the most brutal massacres in recent history, the U.N. tribunal is a bunch of idiots for only sentencing him to 19 years for these crimes.

I would have supported a death sentence, although that was not on the table in this case. At the very least, he should have received life. That should have been a no-brainer.

11 thoughts on “Reason #15,918 Why the United Nations Sucks

  1. While I realize that life in prison was not on the table either, the maximum sentence–40 years–would effectively have been a life sentence, as Duch is 67.

  2. why he has been alive this long? can’t we just take him behind a shed and just finish the job? it is a person like this that deserves extra special care. i am thinking four horses, going in four different directions (in a hurry nonetheless), attached to four limbs. maybe line up a fifth for another appendage. ooh, ooh, even better yet, one of those tree chipper machines. it would be over to quick for that though.

  3. I have been to Cambodia, and I have visited the “killing fields.” I don’t have my physical or spiritual head up my ass. I have interceded over the country and sent $$ to missions involved there. I have made a committment I have not yet fulfilled re: this country.

    Db: You are talking out your ass, excuse me.

    The political state has, IMHO, the authority to visit the death penalty. The Cambodian legal machinery is full of corruption; though most of the facts in this case are not in dispute. I do not dispute that the sentence in this case seems lenient. But there are many other facets of justice, and not all of them simply involve finding someone to kill. Simply offing someone is not always the best way towards justice for the whole of society, especially one that is fond of the idea of spilling blood — and still is fond of the idea of spilling blood.

    By God’s grace I will yet go back and satisfy my inner itch to love on that place some more. Twice in the last eight weeks I have gone dancing in my “Dive Cambodia” shirt. This is neither here nor there other than to establish that I really, truly, don’t have my head in my physical or spiritual ass about this country. There are times when mercy is an act of Grace, and there are times when killing is an act of Grace. I say that this is a time and place for mercy. And i also urge people to give to missions in Cambodia.

  4. @Charles
    At the very least, he should have received the maximum sentence. In this case, the max was 40 years.

    The death penalty was not on the table, as the trial was before a U.N. tribunal for whom the death sentence was not an available option. Nor was life imprisonment an option in this case. But given Duch’s age–67– a 40-year sentence would effectively be a life sentence.

    He killed a lot of people, brutally. 19 years is much too light.

    The fact that he is a Christian is all the more reason why a tougher sentence is in order. It is also on the Christian offender to own the outcome.

    I was outraged at the Christian hypocrites who were pleading for the life of Karla Faye Tucker–the pretty gal who hacked two people to death. (Other women had also received Christ on death row, and did not get the attention that the telegenic Tucker gained.)

    I have more respect for the Christian who says, “You know what, folks? I’m not entitled to any leniency here. I did the deed, and I’m grownup enough to accept the consequences. And I’ll not use my religious conversion as a means to gain leniency from a secular court.”

    I’ll give Duch some credit, and have done so on these very pages. Still, the sentence was way too light, and is less about “mercy” and more about a tribunal that answers to a body that is dominated by Third World thugs who have a tendency to turn a blind eye to genocide.

  5. The national psyche, so to speak, of Cambodia, is something like the aggregate of lots of small stories of abuse and terror and hardship. They will be a long time in the healing.

    Some people I have read postulate that Cambodia might become a kind of Libertarian heaven; along the lines of a new Hong Kong; but it seems to me, at my safe remove in Maryland, to be developing into a kleptocracy where factions dispute over the wealth of natural resources and access to the sorts of things tourists come to see. Such sorrow there.

    Here is a link to the Cambodian bible society:

    I’m sending them a check today. I challenge everyone to send them at least a 20.

  6. charles

    First off, just because you don’t like my personal opinion on certain matters does not mean that I am not talking out of my a$$. Since you seem to have a personal vested interest in the country of Cambodia, it does not mean that we all do. I do not have a problem with Cambodia. I have a problem with their leadership and specifically this guy Duch. Please separate the issues and do not mix everything together. My opinion was based on what should happen to Duch. Thats it.

  7. I stand by my words. You advocated torture of a being created in the image of God. I assume you meant this, being an adult; and being responsible, as adults are, for their words. I bid you to consider the words of C. S. Lewis and other Christian thinkers on the implicit and explicit things that go along with the killing of another human being, for whatever reason. – Bear in mind I am comfortable with the killing of a being created in the image of God. I don’t say things like “shame on you” because I have little use for the use or concept of “shame” among believers. I say things like “you have your head in your ass” because I am trying to shock you into thinking some more than you have done.

    My vested interest, like a hot coin pressed into wax, is a work of compassion wrought in me by my Christian faith and the Holy Spirit. It’s not like I’m going to get anything out of it, not in this life. But that’s beside the point, isn’t it? Go forth and learn, little brother.

  8. Let me help you wrap your mind around the problem, db: You might come to a different conclusion, and I can accept and respect that; but I think you are both poorly informed and as well probably ignorant of the spiritual dynamics viz. legitimizing state actions by regularizing them. The idea of lex talonis — you can go look this up if you need to — leads easily to a world of toothless and eyeless men. The very concept of the state trafficking in mercy is a concept that is somewhat new and foreign to the Cambodian state. It’s an idea whose idea has come; you would be foolish to project a gloss of, say, American society onto Khmer culture. Note that I did not say “the state trafficking in Sloppy Agape” or “the state trafficking in Forgetfullness.” Note that you have advocated *torture by the state*. When you have gone to this place, as I have, and spent time praying over Cambodian society, you can lecture me about the moral benefit of *more* torture by the Cambodian authorities. When you have done this , and looked at the torture instruments, and contemplated the *present* use of torture by the Cambodian state, I’ll consider what you have to say about all this.

    OTHO, maybe you just were careless with your words. However, If you do want him tortured, by extension there are many of those who — to save their very lives, or the lives of their children — participated in the madness should also be tortured.

    This is a place and a population that is crying out for mercy and forgiveness all around. It’s not like he’s being set free.

  9. @Professor Hale
    That’s another issue all its own. I’ve long been in favor of us getting out of the United Nations altogether.

    That said, I figured that, in this case, we had a chance to see whether they really favor justice or whether they are going to show that they could give nary a damn about the very activities that the U.N. was formed to help prevent.

    While I was disappointed at the outcome, I was not surprised.

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