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It pays to be a poverty advocate. (HT: Vox Day)

Here’s some earth-shattering news: colleges are playing the same game that mortgage brokers played.

The number of people declaring Tango Uniform went up 9% from June to July.

The family of Omar Thornton–the Connecticut shooter who killed 8 co-workers before offing himself–is blaming the rampage on racism, even though Omar never filed any such complaint with the union or the company. I wonder if racism is also responsible for his stealing beer from his employer. (This was caught on videotape, and is what led to his dismissal.)

A-Roid just hit #600. Whoop-dee-freakin-doo!

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. i should of said, now that a lone judge in CA has overturned the will of the people with respect to gay marriage, the path to the darkside is now complete. obama is a sith lord and we are pretty much screwed for the next 10 yrs at least. and all of this without a reach around even.

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